What’s Your Favorite Scent of the Season?

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As a kid each November meant two big smells in our home: pumpkin and cranberry. Today, the smell of both send me racing through memories of my mom baking and my grandma’s amazing cranberry sauce.

I don’t get nostalgic very often, but when I do it’s always during the holiday season as I once again try to perfect my grandma’s cranberry sauce or as I purchase and hunt down everything pumpkin flavored that I can. Pumpkin in my coffee, too? Yes, please.

What’s funny is there is really only two things for me that can twirl up a world of memories — smells and music. My mind goes racing back, as if it was happening today. And holidays is a huge part of that, being that I grew up in a huge family and the youngest of six kids.

Each year I try to perfect the memories my mom gave us as children with my own children. Though I can’t do it the same way as she did, my food isn’t as good as hers, my home doesn’t feel the ways hers did, and in general she is much better at the traditions than I am.

But, the memories, those scents, live on…

The Holidays Are Here

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We are just a week away from Thanksgiving. We’re preparing the food, organizing menus, and shopping for house guests, right? There is so much to get ready for and Suave and Walmart want to help with those preparations.

Invite your guest in your home with some amazing Suave Scents like the classic almond and shea butter. This is always the perfect blend with whatever perfume I may be wearing that day.

I’m a huge fan of using green apple shampoo and conditioner with Zadey. It makes her hair smell good, even she wraps it around her nose to smell it.

Joanne on the other hand prefers her standard go-to of tropical coconut.

And you know what, these smells are now associated with my family for me. Anything belonging to these scents and I can close my eyes and be right with my own little family.

If you’re expecting holiday guests this year, invite them in with the warm Suave scents and give them the spa treatment. Here’s an idea to spoil your female guests:

Image 3

And, all of these wonderful Suave scents are available at Walmart. Visit Walmart now to see: http://bit.ly/SuaveMB

What’s Your Favorite Scent of the Season?

What scent will bring you some nostalgia? What scent do you want your kids to remember from this season? Suave and Walmart want to know, what’s your favorite scent of the season?

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