The Cost of Home Ownership

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home ownership

In the last 6 months, Joanne and I have put a plan in place to get where we want to go in the next 5 years. Not necessarily in where we’ll live since we have been known to be movers. I think instead that has been decided, but that’s a post for another time.

Instead I’m talking about our goals, plans, what we want for the kids, and what we want for ourselves. And there are very specific things we have in mind. And, probably the biggest is home ownership.

Neither one of us have ever owned our own home. Instead I have always preferred apartment living. To me, it’s just easier. I can count a huge number of things I am not responsible for, if I don’t own the place I live in. And that’s not me not wanting to take care of the place we live. Instead, it’s me not wanting the added expense of plumbing going bad, the air conditioner blowing out in the middle of summer, or even the added expense of taking care of a lawn.

Those costs have always been troublesome for me. But, I have to find a way, anyway. Because in the next 5 years Joanne and I have decided to be in a place where we purchase our first home. And though the idea is exciting, like thinking about my kids having their own swing set, grass to run in, and a driveway to play basketball in, the cost is still daunting to me.

So I’ve begun doing my research now. I want to figure out ways to keep costs down like using Choice Home Warranty to insure appliances and my costs lower when things go wrong. I’ve begun pinning different home ideas for keeping the heating costs down, how to maintain a beautiful lawn without killing my water bill, and how to save, in general for taking on such an added expense.

So, I want to ask you… what are your ideas for saving while preparing for home ownership? What would be your suggestion for taking care of the added costs once you own your own home? And, what can we do now to prepare for all of that?

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