The Cost of 18 Month Old Twins

The Cost of 18 Month Old Twins

The last time I wrote a post like this the boys were 10 months old (read: The Cost of 10 Month Old Twins). They were still on formula and their needs were still the needs of babies. They’re officially toddlers now and their needs have changed, a lot. So, I thought it was time to update; especially since I hear from so many expecting twin moms who are not sure what to expect.

Expenses for 18 Month Old Twins

From month to month we don’t have a lot of change in expenses. But, I want you to know we did baby led weaning, this means that I don’t spend a penny on “baby food.” They eat what we eat. But, if you have twins who are still on baby food, you might find that the cost adds up to be about the same.


The Cost of 18 Month Old Twins

Without a stitch of baby food in the house there are just a few things we buy specific for the boys. Typically they’re snack foods. They have their own yogurt, crackers, and snack foods that no one else eats. When planning our meals, I account for feeding a family of 4 (instead of 5). The boys share a portion of one normal adult.

Additionally, they do drink milk. But, we don’t give full 8 oz milk bottles. Instead they get 1 oz of milk and 7 oz of water. The only reason milk is in there is to give the bottle the right color otherwise I could eliminate milk completely from their diet.

Including their milk expenses, we spend about $100 more per month on food.


We buy a pack of 64 diapers that lasts us about 5 days. To get a full estimate, I’ll say that we buy 5 of these per month at $20 per box. That adds up to $100 per month on diapers.

Baby Wipes

My favorite wipes are Costco brand, Kirkland. I buy their box of 900 wipes, in 9 packages, for $20. This box will last us about two months. This is about $120 a year on wipes.


The Cost of 18 Month Old Twins

I really spend time trying to get the best deals I can on their clothes. Walmart has some great pieces for as little as $4 each. That’s really affordable.

This winter I picked up a few pairs of sweats for each of them, some t-shirts, and some extra pants and socks from WalMart. And, we received $100 to spend at OshKosh B’gosh. There was also a couple of side trips to Target, but nothing significant.

Because our winter was spent in Indiana, we also purchased things I would not have purchased had we been in California. For example, we have a lot of hats and heavy jackets. In California a hoodie would have been enough for both and cut down expenses.

For their winter clothes, I estimate that we spent about $250.

However, we are back in California now and we quickly needed summer clothing for them. Carters had a couple of weeks where for every $50 spent you received $10 for free. This allowed me to get twice the normal amount of clothing and some great deals on all their t-shirts and shorts. For summer clothes I spent an additional $200.

Extra Expenses for Twins

The Cost of 18 Month Old Twins

I can’t lie, I was seriously worried about car seats for the boys. By the time 12 months hit, they were ready to leave behind their infant car seats! I knew we had to get them quickly. I feel incredibly blessed to have received car seats from Safety 1st. The boys ride in their Elite Air 80 convertible car seat. This saved us $460 in expenses for car seats.

To be honest, without Safety 1st’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to afford car seats that expensive for the boys. I would have gone with one of the many in the $150 range. Because, with twins, $300 for car seats is more than enough.

In the last couple of months we have also picked up a few new toys for them, but overall I’m finding that we made good choices with toy purchases long ago and those are still lasting them well. And, truth be told, the boys’ favorite toy right now is a plastic cup and tooth brush. They’re stirring… or something. But this is what they fight over all day long. We’ve spent less than $75 on toys since they turned 10 months old.

We’re also now at the point where the boys are no longer sharing a room with us and are transitioning over to their own bed. Yes, they’ve been co-sleeping and we’re over it. So, with our move back to California we’re no longer able to look at 2 bedroom places and instead, are hunting down 3 bedrooms.

In our area in California the price difference between a 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartment is $150 per month, on the low end. It some areas it could be as much as $200 to $250 per month. The trade off though is that almost all 3 bedroom apartments come with washer/dyer hookups. This is significant because we’re no longer paying to do our laundry at a laundromat (hello, convenience!).

Finally, new in the world of expenses is haircuts. Ooooh boys and their haircuts. My little men finally got there. A haircut costs $8 each (with a coupon). From what I can tell, this is something we’ll do every other month. Once they can hold still for their cuts, I’m going to try to spare this expense and do it myself.

All in all, I feel like we’re running at normal kid costs now and not all the baby expenses. I cannot believe how fast time is flying by!

The Cost of 18 Month Old Twins


  1. says

    When you really think about it, I am amazed at how very expensive kids are! But they are worth it, nothing is more of a blessing than a child.

  2. says

    Seems like every day they are outgrowing something. Most people don’t realize how expensive it is to raise a child, much less two at the same time!

  3. Angela says

    It’s kinda scary when you break down the expense of having a child, let alone two. Like Susan said in the comment above, they are worth every penny of it.

  4. says

    They are adorable. I agree that with having three kids the cost has increased a lot. Toddlers do cost a lot, and then when they hit teens they cost even more because of all their activities and their clothes are more expensive. One way I cut costs wit my 2 year old is cloth diapers. But I know they are not for everyone.

  5. says

    Kids can be really expensive! I didn’t have twins, but both of my kids were very sickly so they cost more than most children.

  6. says

    I try to NOT think about how much my boys are costing me. Just wait until they hit the preteen years and have appetites that want enough food for two grown adults.

  7. says

    YUP.. kids are expensive.. I can only imagine twins they need everything at the same time.. YIKES.. just wait till they are teenagers.. yup we are there.. my wallet, bank and anything else I had is EMPTY by now…lol.. doubt it will ever stop :-) happy Mommy days

  8. says

    I can imagine it’s super expensive. I don’t have twins but my two boys and my girl are about to eat me out of house and home.

  9. says

    This is such a great breakdown! My sister had twins and man, it was surprising just how expensive it was. Her twins are the same age as my oldest. Basically for us it was; whatever my expense was; double it for her. She had boy and girl. so some things couldn’t be shared between them.

  10. says

    The twins are so cute! I bet once they are potty trained you are going to feel like you hit the jackpot with all that leftover diaper and wipes money every month. :) We have 4 boys and save a ton of money on haircuts doing it at home. They used to be horrible home hair cuts but I have to give cred to my husband who is getting pretty good at it now.

  11. says

    Wow that’s an interesting peek into your life and costs. I have never really thought to add up how many diapers or wipes we go through in a span of time to see what we spent.

    I don’t fully understand how you handle milk though. My 3 year old drinks way more than that (although I know he drinks TOO much). Kids do still need milk in their diet.

    • says

      I’m very anti-milk. I have read through a lot of research and studies and really don’t want my kids to have it. For quite awhile, they only had almond milk and I’ll probably go back to that very soon.

      Kids don’t need milk. They need the vitamins that are supplied through cow’s milk. Those same vitamins are available through other sources. And luckily, my boys eat so well that I don’t worry about what vitamins they’re not getting.

      Also, bottles are only given at nap and bedtime. More reason I don’t want them to have a lot of milk; because I don’t want them to go to sleep with it and have it on their teeth.

  12. Ashley O. says

    I am so interested in your milk view. I would LOVE for you to write a post on that next.

    My daughter is only 6 months but I get so nervous thinking about how we are going to not start milk, I am anti – cows milk myself.
    I pray she is a good eater and can eat the foods without drinking cows milk.
    I already know I am going to get criticisms from old timers like my mom, uhhh… I would love your advice!

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