The Cost of 10 Month Old Twins


One of the most common statements made to me, out and about with the boys, is “they must be expensive!” And the truth of the matter is, yes, they are. But if done right, there’s a lot of places I can cut corners.

So, as I was thinking of my next post idea, it hit me — I should talk about twins more, the cost, the day to day, and update you all on how I do it.

Expenses for Twins

All babies need roughly the same things. For twins, we just need more of it. So, here’s our monthly basic expenses.


The boys go through about 20 small cans — 12.9 oz — per month. From time to time I can find good deals and get it on sale but it roughly costs $16 per can. This means one month of formula is $320. Of course, this varies. Cans were closer to $12 in California. But watching sales is a big deal. Yesterday I was able to get large cans of formula, on Manager’s Special, for $10.


There is no doubt that I could have saved a load of money by using cloth diapers. And I was open to that. But, we did not have a washer and dryer in our apartment, so I knew it would be more hassle than we could manage with twins. Disposable it is!

The boys use Luvs diapers. It’s very easy to find “extra value” boxes that have more diapers. Usually it’s 108 count. That will last us just over a week at the tune of about $20 per box. This equals to $80 per month on diapers.


Here’s where I do get a good deal. My favorite wipes are Costco brand, Kirkland. I buy their box of 900 wipes, in 9 packages, for $20. This box will last us about two months. This is about $120 a year on wipes.


The timing of my boys being born was darn near perfect. Two weeks before they were born, my nephew was born. And, a month before them, a friend had a baby boy. This has mean a lot of hand-me-down clothes for my boys. Especially because my nephew is so much bigger than them. This worked for a LONG time. From birth to 6 months, I had spent less than $150 on clothes for the boys — and they had more clothes than they could possibly need.

But, from size 6 to 9 months my nephew had long passed their size, and I had to start buying their clothes. Just before we moved to Indiana, I did summer clothes shopping for them at the Carters and Gymboree outlets. For just summer clothes, for both of them, including buying many plain onesies, I spent $180.

Because we’re now in a much colder climate in Indiana, I expect winter clothing to cost much more as they will need to be outfitted for the snow. And because they will both be walking this winter, I’ll probably also buy them snow boots. But regardless, shoes in general become a new expense.


This is the picture I texted to the girl who bought the boy’s clothing before we moved. This is all size newborn to 6 months. There is a total of 7 trash bags, and 3 boxes.


We really don’t do a lot of baby food. I do have more baby cereal than I could ever possibly use, and some jars of baby food. And from time to time, they eat it. However, more and more they just eat what we’re having. This is especially true with dinner.


Oliver loving his green beans.

Monthly, additional food cost for the boys is about $20. I know, it’s not much, but they really do just eat what we eat and that doesn’t cost us anything extra… yet. Joanne and I just cut off a piece of what we’re eating for them at dinner. Breakfast is usually an extra scrambled egg and some yogurt. And lunch is any combination of lunch meat and cheese or noodles. The cost really goes to toddler snacks, fresh fruits, and snack items.

Extra Expenses

There’s always random things that I’ll pick up for the boys. Toys are a good example. They never cost much, but from time to time with a shopping trip I’ll grab something for them; usually never costing more than $10. And I don’t buy two of each with toys.

Doctors appointments haven’t cost us anything, because it’s been all well baby checks which is free from co-payments.

The biggest expense coming up is new car seats. Currently the boys are both riding in their infant seats, and we need to upgrade them to convertible car seats. Having priced these out, it looks like we’ll be spending about $150 per car seat to upgrade them. And, truthfully, to maximize convenience it’d really be great to have car seats in my car, and Joanne’s car. They spend an equal amount of time in both cars; and moving convertible car seats between cars really sucks. If we take the leap and do this, we’re looking at about $600 in car seats. Ouch!

It All Adds Up

So, here’s a grand total for you… Monthly Expenses for Twins: $430

However, as cliche as this may sound, having them really is priceless. I adore having twins. It is something I would do over and over again. If I could be pregnant tomorrow, and it’s twins, you wouldn’t catch me feeling anything but thrilled.

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    I loved reading this break down. I always wondered the cost of having twins. All of my kids were close in age (one year apart) so I always compared the cost of that of the cost of twins. Though after reading this I don’t think I spent nearly this much. Especially with formula added in (whew that stuff is expensive!)

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