The Sweet Taste of Food


My boys have had serious acid reflux since they came home from the hospital. It something they have been medicated for (which I hate). In January I had a conversation with their doctor about alternative methods for easing the symptoms of the reflux. We decided on food. So, they began to eat.

It worked.

We started with oatmeal, because I am not a fan of rice cereal for babies. It really has no nutritional value and is not a great first food, though it’s often times the first thing recommended.

From there, we just began moving on. I had a strong dedication to make as much food for them as I could. And until this point, that’s exactly what they have done. Everything they have tasted is fresh… chopped, prepared, cooked, and pureed for them by Mommy.

Their diet now includes:

  • Oatmeal
  • Bananas
  • Butternut Squash
  • Apples
  • Peas

They love it all! And we have had no reactions. They’re great eaters!

baby eating

Now that we’re about to hit the 6 month mark, we’re kicking up food in a big way.

My plan all along was to use the Baby Led Weaning technique, but have decided to postpone that a bit, due to acid reflux. It has so helped ease their symptoms that I can’t not continue feeding them. On the other hand, they’re not quite ready to be thrown into the world of real food.

Choosing Prepared Baby Food

Last night, as I was grocery shopping, I decided to take a good long look at prepared baby foods. It’s not that I don’t want to make their food, quite the opposite. But, have I mentioned lately that I have twins and am homeschooling Zadey?

Now that life is getting busier, and I have more to do, I fear not being able to keep up.

But what I really noticed looking at the jars of baby food is that there are many options that contain exactly the same ingredients as if I had made them.

Carrots: Carrots, Water
Peas: Peas, Water
Squash: Squash, Water

It goes on and on. While there are many options that contain a lot more ingredients, it had to be simple. It had to be read-able. And I had to be able to understand what was in the jar!

It ended up not being as big of a deal as I anticipated.

Armed with about 40 jars of food, in 10 different flavors, and 2 brands… we’re ready to go!

baby eating

Scheduling Eating Time

Even today my boys are on the same schedule the NICU put them on when they were born. I’ve never modified it, never felt the need to, and neither do they. And truthfully, I’m not really a schedule my baby kind of Mom. Babies will dictate their needs, I will respond.

But with the introduction of food, comes a change in their bottle schedule. And I really don’t feel as though I need to sit down and plan out three meals a day for them, we’re not there yet, either.

What I have decided to start doing is cutting their amount of formula in half in the mornings. This means they’ll get about 3 oz, and then will have oatmeal for breakfast. In the evenings, something similar. They’ll take half a bottle and share one 4 oz jar of baby food.

For now, we’ll see how this schedule works for them. I really want them to decide how much, and when. I am not all that fond of shoving things on my kids, especially when they’re so little like this. If they’re ready to eat, I’m confident that I will know. As those needs increase, so will the amount of food that I give them.

twins eating


  1. Bobbie says

    I remember the reflux days! Both of my kiddos had it. My sons was far more severe. I think letting them cue you is a good idea. They will let you know :)

    • says

      Zadey takes the cake, with reflux. It was awful for her, and at some point I gave up on trying to wear shirts without throw up on them. Between the boys, Oliver has it much worse than Henry. With food, I do see it subsiding, a lot. And they’re totally grooving on all the flavors!

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