Spring Is In The Air With #FebrezeSpring

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I’m not usually someone that looks forward to spring. In California that means that the heat, serious heat, is just around the corner. But, after living in Indiana for the last 8 months and surviving their fourth worst winter in history, the warmer weather has never been so inviting.

Spring lasts only a brief period of time in Bakersfield. The trees begin to bud, there’s a light wind, the air is so crip, and the sun is shinning. If I could choose a season to live in forever, it would be with this one… without the looming heat.

Except, we have one problem. It seems as though all of my kids have developed seasonal allergies. So throwing open the windows to air out the house and enjoy the fresh spring air brings on runny noses, sniffles, watery eyes, and pretty miserable kids.

We discovered this problem when we did exactly that… since we just moved in to our new place in Bakersfield we had to do some airing out here. Seems the previous tenants of our apartment were serious fans of curry. And the ENTIRE house smelled of it. It was not a smell I wanted to live with.

At the same time we received the brand new Febreze Spring scents. Oh, they could not have come at a better time!

I quickly opened the packages and placed them all throughout our house.

Febreze Spring in the Bathroom

In the bathroom we have the rain scent. Febreze completely eliminates all the smells in the bathroom. You know what I’m talking about.

In the living room we have our dual noticeables plugin of pink petals and sweet pea. I think the sweet pea might just be my most favorite. And every night when I walk in the door from a long day at my “real” job, my house smells so amazing.

Febreze Noticeables Spring Sweet Pea and Pink Petals

The curry smell is long gone and there are no traces of the daily smells in our house… from dirty diapers from twins to what was cooked for dinner. You’ll never smell all of that in my house!

I also have Febreze in my car. This is the best for me. Would you believe this single car freshener livens up my entire huge SUV? Just one and I can smell it even in the back of my car. It’s incredible and it’s the perfect scent for a car that begins to smell a little stale.

When I leave to go to work in the afternoon the sun has had a chance to warm up my car a bit and opening the door to the fresh scent of rain is heaven. I love this so much. It’s just the right amount of scent for smaller spaces, like the car, without being overwhelming.

The other nice thing about the car freshener is that you can control how powerful the scent is with a smell lever on the bottom of the little square. For me, I turn it all the way up and that allows just one vent freshener to reach the entire car.

Febreze Spring Car Freshener

Pick Up #FebrezeSpring Scents at Walmart

Febreze at Walmart

All the new spring scents from Febreze are now available at Walmart. And be sure to keep up with Febreze on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information on their seasonal scents.

What is your favorite sign that spring has arrived?


  1. Daisy says

    I need to pick some of these up. We’ve been doing major spring cleaning and it’s always nice to add pretty scents to our house.

  2. says

    I love Febreeze, I always keep one of the those little guys in my car. They last forever!

    I am still waiting for the sun and warmth, I always look forward to seeing the green plants and flowers starting to bloom!

  3. Shauna says

    That is just awesome that you can control the scent… I hate walking into a room or car and being hit in the face with an overpowering scent of something.

  4. says

    We love Febreze! The car pods are one of the best things for when a gallon of milk bursts all over your backseat on the hottest day of the year so far…or for pretty much any other weird car odors, lol.

  5. Amy Desrosiers says

    I love Febreeze products because they are stylish and they smell so awesome! The Sweet Pea Petals is amazing!

  6. says

    We have been using Febreeze products for years. I love how they make things smell CLEAN without making them smell SCENTED. And the little car fresheners make great stocking stuffers; they kids have received them from us in their stocking for the last few years.

  7. says

    I love the way Febreeze seems to eliminate the other odors, not just cover them. As someone who can be a little scent-sensitive, I love the ability to control the scents, too

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