Dress the Kids for Spring with OshKosh B’gosh

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mom Central and OshKosh B'Gosh and I have received a thank you gift for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own.

OshKosh B'Gosh Spring Collection for Boys

Shopping for my kids is a guilty pleasure. They have more clothes than they really need and I still want to get them more. So, as we prepare for the seasons to change and a new wardrobe to enter the house, for all my kids, I have to find some great deals to feed my guilty pleasure. Dressing my kids.

I discovered OshKosh B’gosh while living in Las Vegas. There was an outlet just up the street from our place. Zadey was just a tiny baby then, but I shopped every couple of weeks for new clothes for her. And, to be honest, I have been better about taming my spending habits with the boys than I was with Zadey. But, that’s just one of the great things about shopping at OshKosh B’gosh — I can afford to shop and still have high quality cute clothing for my kids.

With three kids, this is much more important than it ever was when I was just shopping for one kid.

Never have I been in an OshKosh B’gosh store that wasn’t clean, well organized, easy to locate all the items. And, if you’re like me and going to spend a little time browsing all the collections, most of them have a small activity table to keep your little ones happy while you shop. Double win.

OshKosh B’gosh Spring Collection

Can you believe it’s time to start shopping for spring? It’s just right around the corner — with the warmer days. We are so excited and picking up clothes for my kids to run, play, and enjoy the weather is so exciting. We have been cooped up all winter long! Plus, with these cute spring clothes, we shop for our special Easter Sunday with our family. Check out this cute collection of outfits from OshKosh B’gosh.

OshKosh B'gosh Spring Collection and Coupon | Moving Through Life

OshKosh B’gosh for Baby Boys

My guys are small yet, which just makes picking out clothes for them more fun. I particularly love the layered look of the outfits for the baby boys clothes. Of course, it’s not practical to do all the time. But, I really love the idea for family get togethers, Easter, and other special occasions.

OshKosh B'gosh Baby Boys Clothes

And though there may be snow on the ground now, the spring collection ushers in swimwear, too!

OshKosh B’gosh for Baby Girls

The collection of baby girls clothes really brings a touch of soft and gentle. I love the little accessories their outfits have, like the headbands. Great for the little girls (like mine) that love to have their down, yet us moms can’t stand to see it in their face!

OshKosh B'Gosh Baby Girls Clothing

Swimwear is out for girls, too. Some of them have really adorable matching hats and bags to go with their swimwear. Seriously, too cute!

OshKosh B’gosh Coupon & President’s Day Sale

What’s better than having a sale at one of your favorite children’s store? Having a coupon to use with that sale! Oh yeah, that’s right. OshKosh B’gosh, in partnership with Mom Central, is offering you a coupon. Save 20% off a $30 purchase. You can’t beat it, right? Click on the coupon below to download it in full size. And, be sure to locate an OshKosh B’gosh store near you so you can shop this weekend!

OshKosh B'gosh Spring 2014 Coupon


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