Last Minute Easter Dresses

I received a gift card to shop at Sophia's Style. All opinions expressed are my own. Sophia's Style has not influenced nor reviewed this post prior to posting.

Sophia's Style Easter Dresses

I’m not sure why, but every single holiday I pick up my children’s clothes really late. Always. I’m always behind. So last week when I realized I was about to do it again, I got in touch with Sophia’s Style, who I’ve worked with before, and asked for help for an Easter dress for Zadey.

Zadey loves getting dressed up and this is particularly true on a holiday, like Easter, where we’ll be attending church and seeing a large group of people. And, because she’s going to go to church with Auntie and cousins this year, I wanted to her to feel beautiful and special.

For a couple of days Zadey and I dug through the Easter dresses available at Sophia’s Style dozens of times. She had a hard time deciding which one she would go with. I was trying to sway her one way or the other, but she wasn’t really having any of that. In the end, she decided the dress she wanted all on her own.

Sophia's Style Easter Dresses

Sophia's Style Easter Dresses

Sophia's Style Easter Dresses

Sophia's Style Easter Dresses

The fuchsia chiffon dress is more beautiful than I pictured it would be from the website. I LOVE how she looks in it.

Once we had the dress picked out, I knew I would order it when I was without her. Because just a couple of weeks ago, when I was getting ready to head to work, Zadey made a comment about how “lucky” I am to wear high heels to work. I don’t necessarily see this as lucky, but she seems to think that high heels make a girl look more beautiful. Then it occurred to me, I still haven’t allowed her to have any and intentionally avoid them.

So, now was the moment to surprise her. And, I picked her up her first pair of absolutely adorable high heels.

Sophia's Style Girl Shoes

Sophia's Style Girl Shoes

These were such a perfect match for her dress. The silver sparkle bow kitten heel seemed to be the perfect choice for her. And at only 1.5″ high, they gave her the right amount of height for that beautiful feeling.

Easter Dresses for All Styles

We browsed a variety of different Easter dress styles for Zadey. Here are some of the contenders:

Sophia's Style Easter Dresses

  1. Kids Dream Fuchsia White Daisy Special Occasion Dress
  2. Kids Dream White Turquoise Velvet Flocked Flower Girl Dress
  3. Kids Dream Aqua Chiffon Flower Bubble Hem Easter Dress

And, really, this is a very small sampling of what Sophia’s Style has to offer.

Shop Today to Have It By Easter

We’re just a week away from Easter, but you still have time to get your Easter dress from Sophia’s Style. They have many expedited shipping options. And, their standard shipping is available for free shipping with the coupon springship. Be sure to shop now and have it arrive in time for Easter!


  1. says

    What a pretty Easter dress, and the shoes are cute too! I love the flower detailing on the dress and the little butterfly on the shoes!

  2. says

    Cute, cute, cute.. my daughter would love the dresses and your little princess looks adorable, love the pink dress and the shoes, too cute. Thanks for sharing, we actually still need our easter dress.. time is running out

  3. Pam says

    What a pretty dress! I also love the mint one you showed, but I think the pink one was a perfect fit for your daughter. She looks adorable!

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