Small Steps to a Healthier Me

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Small Steps to a Healthier Me!

This month I celebrated 4 years post-op from Lap-Band surgery. To say that I’m not where I expected to be would be an understatement; but so would saying that I had unrealistic expectations of what Lap-Band would do for me. But since the day of surgery I have learned that the only way to achieve weight loss is to work on my health overall, not just my weight. And, as my life shifts and changes so do the things I need to do achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Recently I was approached to take a look at two items that would help me take steps to a healthier me. And, honestly, it took me a few minutes to realize how both items would help me reach that goal of being healthier and once it clicked for me, I knew I had to pass it on!

80 Bites App

80 Bites App

At first introduction to the 80 Bites app (available for iOS and Android) I wasn’t sure how or why I would use it. However, it only took a second of reading for me to realize this little app would remind me to do exactly what I was told to do with Lap-Band — slow down, chew more, breathe between bites.

And see, we really all need to do that, regardless of whether or not you have had weight loss surgery. We all eat too fast, eat too much, and over do it. The 80 Bites app reminds up to slow ourselves down, give our stomach a break, chew more, and really enjoy our food without the rush.

The concept is that if we slow down and enjoy our food more, only requiring 80 bites of food per day, we will in turn take fewer bites, shrink our stomachs, and want to eat less — because we need less. Isn’t this something we’ve heard before? I have, but never knew how to implement such a think and keep myself on track. And that’s exactly where 80 Bites comes in, helping us to eat less and require less. This means we also begin to make smarter decisions about the food we’re eating to give our bodies exactly what it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Once you begin using 80 Bites, you can think view your history to know exactly how much you’re eating, when you’re eating the most, and how fast you’re eating. This log will help you recognize your peek times for eating more and give you the awareness to correct it. They even offer the 80 Bites Plan so if you need an extra boost for getting on track, they will show you how to do it.

80 Bites App Screenshot 80 Bites App Screenshot

The HeadFloater

First, you totally have to watch this video because it will absolutely give you the most detail about the HeadFloater.

After watching this video I knew I would love this thing! At work I spend hours hunched over the front desk taking care of hotel guests all day long. By the time I walk in the door my neck, shoulders, and back hurt. Occasionally, there’s a headache to accompany the entire situation. I just ache.

I began using the HeadFloater two weeks ago when I received it. Each night when I got home from work I changed my clothes to get more comfortable and took a few minutes to do the exercises shown in the video above. Immediately I felt relief, especially in my neck. I slept better, I felt more rested, and I didn’t wake up the next day with the same neck and shoulder aches that I had from the night before.

This allows me to not only wake up feeling renewed, but because I wake up without the head, neck, and shoulder aches, I’m quicker to do my workout routine in the morning which I was previously forcing myself to get through. That alone is a HUGE improvement to me.

Now, my sleep routine could certainly use some more improvement, but the HeadFloater has absolutely done what it claims to do, for me.


Win 80 Bites & Headfloater

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  1. says

    This is a great idea. How many times have all of us just shoved our food down our throats without even thinking about it? That’s not even a rhetorical question. If we really thing about it, we’ve just been cramming it in our whole lives. All of us. Heavy set, thin set, man, woman, and child.

  2. says

    I’m always looking for things to help make me healthier! It seems that by being healthier in smaller steps makes a big difference. I’ll have to check out this app!

  3. says

    I will be the first to admit when I’m hungry, the whole chew-your-food-for-28-bites thing goes out the window and I inhale, ultimately overeating. I also have the eyes-bigger-than-stomach problem. You are 100% correct when you say regardless of who you are, while these things seem small in comparison, these are important things to remember for a healthier life!

  4. Shauna says

    That sounds so interesting. I remember my Mama used to say if you chew everything more, then you won’t eat as much… hmmm! Thanks for sharing

  5. says

    I am so guilty of eating too fast (often standing at the kitchen counter or at my computer!) That app is something I’m going to check out for sure

  6. says

    I just started a search for it in the app store. It sounds like something that would really help keep one aware of how much they’re eating.

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