Say Goodbye to the Mom Ponytail

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Dove Hair Care

About every 6 months I get in a mood and try to do something daring with my hair.

I have permed it.
I have colored it.
I frequently grow it out… then chop it off.

And regardless of what I decide to do, I end up with the mom ponytail. If you catch me with my hair down, it’s because I knew I was going to take a picture. Even worse is that with the boys only being 15 months old, I still have little fingers that love to get tangled up in my hair.

The thing is, my hair does nothing. It won’t keep a curl. It hangs very straight. It has no volume. It’s just there.

In fact, this picture that I use, a lot, of myself was taken the MINUTE that I finished doing my hair. Otherwise, my hair wouldn’t look this good…

Katy Rawson

But hanging straight down or always in a ponytail is not a hairstyle. I want to do something cute, but I still want it to be out of my face and out of the way of little fingers.

Dove and Walmart have teamed up to help us say goodbye to the mom ponytail. Oh yeah, I’m talking to you, too. I know you’re reading this and sporting one.

Image 3

Visit and learn how to ditch the mom ponytail with a variety of different hair care ideas.

Need help boosting your color and making it last? Dry, brittle hair? Recharge it! Or, try something new and simple like a fishtail braid. And hello, beautiful waves without a curling iron!

All these tips and more fun information is available now at Walmart. And, they have all the Dove Hair Care products you need to be on your way to healthy, beautiful, not-Mom hair.

Image 3

So, what’s your biggest hair challenge? How do you combat the mom ponytail and keep your hair looking fresh and healthy?

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  1. Willow says

    I had a haircut after almost 20 years of having it long. It feels great to get it cut – and easier to style as well.

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