Wordless Wednesday: Ready for Halloween

Wordless Wednesday with Linky

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. But, holidays change when you have kids, and Zadey loves to dress up so I can’t deny her that opportunity… ever.

This week our little town has been hosting a slew of Halloween events. So when Zadey heard about a haunted house, we just had to go. Our little ones all dressed up for the event and we had such a good time… spooks aside.

I’m VERY much looking forward to taking them out in a couple of days. From what we hear, our new neighborhood is THE neighborhood to trick-or-treat in. Sounds exciting.

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Oh, and he is not a baby alligator… he’s a baby Oligator. (Because, you know, his name is Oliver. LOL)

What will your little ones be for Halloween?

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  1. karen medlin says

    very cute, I love the little one piece costumes for the little ones..keeps them nice warm. We have a pirate and gypsy and witch in our house.

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