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Kindergarten is not what it used to be, when I was a kid. Instead of fun, games, and basic introductions, Kindergarten has grown to really having kids learn to dive in to the world of school. There’s homework, a stricter curriculum and much more learning to be done with all those crafts and games.

This means that our preschoolers need to be more prepared for school. We can’t send them in not knowing what their full address is, days of the week, colors, shapes, or even not knowing what their full name is.

As a mom that has been home full time with my children, since Zadey was born, this responsibility is entirely on me. My kids haven’t gone to preschool and the knowledge they enter Kindergarten with is a direct reflection of the time I’ve spent with them, teaching and watching them grow and learn.

Henry Watching Chalk Preschool

And honestly, there is no better feeling.

But, what I have always struggled with is finding support for some type of structured curriculum that will ensure I’m focusing on the right topics for them. The ability to have some kind of outline or checklist that they will be ready for Kindergarten.

I failed with Zadey. I wish I could say differently. I tried and I thought she entered Kindergarten knowing enough. She didn’t and though she has caught up and is on the right track now, it’s not a mistake I want to repeat with my boys. Their little minds are so ripe right now, ready and eager to learn, that I want to take advantage of that in any way possible to give them the boost they’ll need. To fully be prepared for Kindergarten.

So, why not start learning now? Everything we do as parents is about teaching and helping our children grow, I’ve done it with my kids from the minute they were born… if it was nothing other than explaining to them what is going on in the world around them.

Now, over a year old, it’s easy to dive in to the fun stuff with Henry and Oliver and have them learn about topics far beyond knowing what sister is doing or how mommy is cooking a meal.

I recently discovered Chalk Preschool which is an online preschool curriculum and it has the structure and guide I need to help give my little guys the boost that their sister didn’t receive.

What is Chalk Preschool?

Chalk Online Preschool

Chalk Preschool is a full online preschool curriculum that is age appropriate and tailored to your child’s learning development. Fully of daily lesson videos, printables, and fun parent-child activities, Chalk Preschool gives parents all the information they need to give your child the boost they need, before Kindergarten.

Best of all, everything Chalk Preschool has to offer is free. That’s right, zero cost, so you can be on your way with daily learning activities with your little one without waiting for the next check to come to pay for preschool!

How to Use Chalk Preschool

Chalk Preschool has setup their website in a simple, easy to use format that will really allow you to customize your child’s learning and daily activities.

Once you have signed up, logged in, and setup your child’s personal profile (including selecting their birth date for those age appropriate activities), you’ll be met in the Green Room with your daily lessons waiting for you.

Chalk Preschool Green Room Screenshot

On the side you have your navigation which allows you to select what your kids will be viewing.

Dailies is the daily videos for the complete preschool curriculum. When this is selected, you’ll watch videos that covers a day full of learning and fun for your preschooler.

If you want to skip Dailies, you can move on to other online lessons that cover specific topics. Here you see that my boys can go over weather, shapes and colors, literacy, math and science, and art.

You’ll also see the play all option, which allows you to have all videos play, in order, from the selection you choose.

The videos are not very long, either. They’re are just the right length to keep your little one’s attention, engage, and get them thinking about each thing they just saw. This also means, for you, that you don’t have to invest huge amounts of time to learning. But rather, short and fun videos that can set the stage for a day full of fun learning.

Finally, there are printable options so that I can take their learning environment offline and get their little minds to work. I can download a daily printable which corresponds with their lesson plan (today it is the letter Z that they can color or craft with), a weather graph and temperature graph that will reinforce their lesson under weather.

The Chalk Preschool Parent Portal

A very key component to making sure you’re getting the learn time you desire is the parent portal.

Chalk Preschool Parent Portal Screenshot

In the parent portal you can get the help you need to making teaching preschool at home fun and easy. With full videos for you to watch you’ll find tips about teachable moments, hands on learning, core subjects, and you can learn more about Chalk Preschool’s curriculum.

There’s also the advice corner which can provide you with some quick tips on many different areas of parenting that we sometimes struggle with. A great help for understanding more about your little preschooler.

Working hand-in-hand with the parent portal is the Chalk Preschool Blog and Chalk Preschool News Room.

Get Started with Chalk Preschool

Twins Watching Chalk Preschool

This fun and exciting learning environment is all online, completely free of charge. Signing up will take you only a minute and once you’re logged in, they’ll have a quick video for you to watch on how to navigate and use their system. And, if you’re local to LA or Chicago, you have a Chalk Preschool location near you! You can also learn more about Chalk Preschool by visiting their Facebook page. Visit now, sign up, and get started.

So tell me, how do you teach your little preschoolers at home? What tips do you have for engaging your little one in learning activities and getting them more interested in the world around them?


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    One of my nieces is really struggling in kindergarten this year. It’s great to know there are resources like this available to do pre-k at home.

  2. says

    This looks like a great resource, especially for homeschooling moms who are looking for something for their youngest children to do.

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