Wordless Wednesday: Playing in the Snow

Wordless Wednesday with Linky

Zadey has never really had the opportunity to experience snow. While we were living in Washington it snowed a couple of times. But that was just enough to dust the yard and it wasn’t long before it was gone.

Now that we’re in Indiana, there’s snow. And since it snowed for the first time a couple of weeks ago, it hasn’t left us. We’re in a whole new world. Zadey wanted to go out and play so Joanne and I took bets… how long would she last? I guessed 5 minutes. Joanne said 10. And we were shocked that she made it 30 minutes.

During that time, we let the boys test the waters, too. They HATED it. Feet in, feet out, and they were ready to go inside.

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  1. says

    Cute pictures!

    we have opposite, we lived in NH were we got tons of snow, now we live in VA – were we don’t really get any

    Thanks for sharing. Hope they like it – my kids used to love sledding in the snow :)

  2. says

    Lots of fun. I love both pictures. I think it is so much fun to wipe snow off of railings and such, but looking at the little one trying it out is so cute.

  3. says

    Oh how I remember how much my ids loved the snow when they were small! They would spend hours building forts and sledding. Now that they’re older, they like to stay inside and hibernate with mom =)

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