PickURGift For The Hard to Shop for Person

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We all have at least one of those people… you know, the impossible to buy for. The one that has everything or at least never mentions anything they want. Maybe we all have a few of those people.

This has certainly been my story this year, being away from my family for the last 6 months I have no idea what anyone is wanting or needing. My nieces change and grow so fast, I have no idea what the latest toy craze is and what they might possibly want for Christmas.

Sure, I know them. I might have a few ideas based on knowing my what my nieces really love. But, ultimately, I want to get them Christmas gifts that are useful, something they’ll really love, and something that is within my budget.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this situation, either. In fact my sister and I do it every year. Exchange gift ideas for the kids over the phone, call and double check to see if anyone else has bought that idea for them, and then go over a list of new ideas.

It’s a process that happens several times throughout the year.

Recently though I learned about PickURGift and I fell in love with the idea… even before I was asked to write about it. Let me share with you how PickURGift works and their reverse wishlist system, so you can fall in love with it, too.

How to Use PickURGift

First, register for a PickURGift account. This is quick and super easy to do.

Once your account is created, you can run through PickUrGift very quickly. The most important thing in the setup process is add the UR button to your bookmark favorites. It’s as easy as drag and drop on your bookmark toolbar so you’ll always have it handy.

Done that? Great, now take a look at your PickURGift Dashboard:


The first thing I did is add contacts here for people I knew I’d be shopping for. Using my nieces as an example, I added my sister as a contact because I’ll want to share gift ideas with my sister to help me pick out presents for my nieces.


Go ahead, add your contacts now. It’ll save you a bit of time later. Plus, it’ll get your contacts using PickURGift and be ready to check out your reverse wishlish for them!

Now that you have your account and your contacts, it’s time to create a new gift list:


I created Malia’s Christmas and shared this gift list with my sister. And, that’s it. Now… it’s time to shop.

So, let’s say I found something for Malia on Amazon while shopping that I think would be a great Christmas present for her. But, I’m not sure and I want my sister to weigh in on the idea. I simply click the UR Button that I have installed to my bookmarks toolbar to get the pop-up window while still on Amazon’s site (look at my red arrows):


On that pop-up window I can select my contact and previously created gift list and add this gift idea in just a matter of seconds. My sister will receive notification and we can exchange ideas of what to get Malia for Christmas!

Watch this:

Easy as that, don’t you just love this?

Now tell me, who will you create a reverse wishlist for? Who is the person that’s hard to shop for in your family?

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