Our Highlights from 2013

Highlights from 2013

I feel like the last year was a huge wave for our family. There were many amazing things going on and yet there were some very had times as well. During all of it, we were living the first year of life with twins. Of course, we had a big move, and so many other things. Here’s our highlights of 2013.

January 2013…
Was a slow month for us. I was working hard on building Moving Through Life, adding posts, writing stories, and figuring out how to manage a schedule for twins. We were still in the new phases, but we made it. The big highlight for January was our first ever family photos. It’s obviously time to do them again, but it was such a special moment to finally have some taken. Huge thank to Ladybee Photography for that one!

February 2013…
2001 Ford ExpeditionWas filled with anticipation. I eagerly waited for our tax return and purchased my car. For the first time I own my car. It was such a huge accomplishment and as I told Joanne yesterday, almost a year later and I’m still in love with my Ford Expedition.

In February I also turned 32 years old. I still think of myself, sometimes, as 18 so being in my thirties is a bit shocking some times; especially when I look in the mirror. Though honestly, I really enjoy it. Gone are the days of being looked at like a child.

My niece Malia also had a her birthday in February. We had a family party and went to Fresno Chaffee Zoo. It was so much fun, my sister and I purchased a year-long family membership.

March 2013…
I haven’t blogged about it much, but for the last 3 years I’ve been dealing with a worker’s comp injury for a left ankle sprain, that won’t go away. In March, though we were living in Visalia, I did a lot of traveling for doctor’s appointments in Bakersfield. A least once a week. I wasn’t overly found of the drive, but it kept me connected with my family and it never really felt like I lived more than an hour away from them. It was perfect.

In March the boys also met their dad for the first time, a short lived relationship. They haven’t seen them since mid-summer, now.

April 2013…
The boys turned 7 months old, crawling was in full force, and babyproofing was our only saving grace. We took a trip to the ER because of a diaper rash, and I made a total ass of myself.

For the second time, we took a trip to Fresno Chaffee Zoo with my sister and nieces. It was such a fun trip and I loved taking pictures of all the animals with my brand new Nikon DSLR camera.

May 2013…
Was the month Joanne and I started having our private conversations about moving out of California, again. I’m not so sure we made the right decision now, but that’s a story for another time.

Homemade Teething BiscuitsMy year long wait to upgrade my cell phone finally came, and I purchased the iPhone 5. It was by far, the funnest piece of technology I had in my house.

The sort lived relationship with the boys’ Dad also ended. I tried, that’s all I can say.

We also discovered the wonders of Homemade Teething Biscuits, and made them… a lot.

June 2013…
Though it didn’t seem as though June was a very big month for us, June was the month we decided to make plans and start packing. And we began to share the news of our upcoming move with friends and family.

With all the packing and planing, we did find time to get in our first swim of the season. It was also the boys’ first time swimming. If that wasn’t enough, Henry started walking.

July 2013…
Really, July could not have been more eventful for us. We, of course, started with our big move to Indiana.

Shortly after moving here, we roamed Southern Indiana and checked out the IU and the Colts stadium. We also saw the famous Monument Circle.

We ended the month with a bad news, in Joanne totaling her car.

August 2013…
Just a month after moving to Indiana, we got Zadey enrolled in school. Upon taking the assessment test, we discovered she’d repeat the 1st grade. It was such a shock for Joanne and I to see the difference in the school system between California and Indiana. And though I was totally devastated at the time, it has turned out to be a very good thing for Zadey.

Joanne and I got our first break, in nearly a year, when we got a night away from the kids to see Matt Nathanson perform at the Indiana State Fair. It was such a great night for us, and a whole lot of fun!

Baby Led Weaning with TwinsThe biggest accomplishment of the month came in the form of food. After years of trying with Zadey, our picky eater began to eat real food that was actually good for her! And, baby led weaning was in full force with the boys. Even today I am amazed at the food they eat and the food they love.

September 2013…
I waited all year for September to arrive, and it was a little bittersweet. It would be the first time Joanne and I handle having three kids with birthdays in 2 days. Zadey’s birthday is September 18th. Henry and Oliver’s birthday is on September 19th.

Our huge birthday excitement came with a mini-vacation when we visited Holiday World and stayed at Lake Rudolph. We had an amazing time at both places, we’re all still talking about it. I hope we can visit Lake Rudolph again in the spring!

We also took a quick trip to Chicago and saw some of the city. Most important for Joanne was Wrigley Field since she’s been a lifelong Cubs fan. It was the first time any of us had been to Chicago and though it was quick, we had great fun.

October 2013…
We weren’t very busy in October. With the school year in full swing, life was occupied by the school routine. We finally found our own place in Indiana. This couldn’t have come at a better time; as our friendship with the people we were living with began to unravel.

Halloween 2013My brother also shared with his birth-parent information and I began my search for his birth-parents. It’s one I haven’t gotten far with as everything I know to look for is leading me to dead ends. I’m not giving up yet though.

October finished off with an adorable Halloween.

November 2013…
It was mostly quiet on the home front. We relished in our freedom of having our own place and working our way back to our own routine. We also discovered how amazing it is to have a garage when it snows! For Moving Through Life, November was a big month as it turned 1 year old. I also answered a couple of questions with blog posts, questions I get all the time: twin questions and how to plan an out of state move.

Personally, my heart broke, just a little bit as we moved the boys from infant car seats to convertible car seats. A sign of how fast they are growing. I want my babies to stay babies, but they are happy boys riding in the car.

I also took a trip in November to Chicago to go to the Chicago Toy & Game Fair. It was a trip I had planned for months with Bobbie from Think. Talk. Blog!. We have been online with each other for nearly 10 years, and this was the first time we met in person. We had great fun together. I also had the chance to visit her hometown of Green Bay, WI. My first time to Wisconsin, too.

December 2013…
As I began to prepare for some dental work I figured it would be a good time to go back to my Lap-Band routine. I’m ready for the old/new me back and I miss being accountable. My work for a better me began with that dental work so I could finally be confident with my smile, and I quit smoking. Both of which were huge for me.

Our Christmas and New Year’s Eve was quiet with just our little family and no friends in Indiana. It gave me a great deal of perspective about how and where I want to live my life. And there’s nothing more heartbreaking than being 3,200 miles away from the only people who really do give a shit about you. I may not want to live in California, but I have discovered my life is there. More about that later.

And, that’s our year!

And that’s been our 2013. A busy year, for sure. Some heartbreak. Some exciting new adventures. And life lessons that I’m still learning. It’s been one heck of a year and I’m very anxious to see where 2014 leads us.

How was your year? Any highlights you want to share?

Happy New Year!

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