OshKosh B’gosh: Amazing Clothes, Incredible Prices

I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating.


It’s getting cold here in Indiana. In fact the temperatures we’re experiencing now are the winter temps we’re used to in California. To say we’re not prepared for the cold that’s about to come would be an understatement. But, that’s okay.

One of the fun things, for me, about having little kids is how often I get to shop for them. Every season we need new clothes and new sizes. I love it.

I started shopping for the first time at OshKosh B’gosh more than eight years ago in Las Vegas for Zadey. She had to have overalls and a lot of them and OshKosh is the place to go for that and so much more.

Last summer I picked up so many cute leggings and shirt outfits for Zadey in the cutest patterns for her to wear to school. A few of those outfits still fit her and they are my favorites.

But this shopping trip was about the boys. They’re growing so fast and they’re in need of those staple pieces to get us through the winter. Tops were the priority for me this shopping trip because I found a few pairs of pants for them at a great deal earlier. Now I just needed something to go with all those pants.

The OshKosh B’gosh Shopping Experience


One of the great things about shopping at OshKosh B’gosh is the store’s organization. Our store had girls clothing on one side and boys on the other. And, if that’s not enough, it was also separated by size to have big kids sizes in the front of the store while little kid sizes were in the back.

Understanding that kids get bored with shopping, our store also had a kid size table with puzzles. This was extremely helpful with Zadey who doesn’t appreciate shopping if it’s not for her.

The single thing that was most impressive to me was how organized our store was. All of the sizes were matched together and clothes were not just thrown back on the shelves. And the clearance section, which you can always count on to be a mess, was so very well organized. Not only did they have the sizes separated out but they also had them in order of short or long sleeved tops.

Our OshKosh B’gosh Shopping Trip


Yesterday we went shopping for the boys at OshKosh B’gosh. The entire store was on sale for Veteran’s Day so we were able to grab some really amazing deals.

We first headed to the clearance rack where we were able to grab a couple of shirts for them for $2.99. You really can’t beat that.

We then roamed the rest of the store deciding what kinds of outfits and shirts to pair up. So many great deals were happening that we had to really think about what was at home versus what we needed and that’s when we make the decision to go for shirts.

They have some amazingly cute outfits right now for the upcoming holidays and I was oh so tempted. But since we’re home for the holidays this year I decided to pass.

We picked out all the shirts we needed for the boys and ended up with 7 different shirt designs. Of course, having twins, that’s not 7 shirts that we bought… it’s 14 shirts as we bought one for each boy! The 6 that are available on the OshKosh B’gosh website are shown below:


  1. Long Sleeve O.K.B.G. Thermal Tee
  2. Long Sleeve “I Love Mom” Tee
  3. Long Sleeve “Worlds Best Lil Bro” Tee
  4. Long Sleeve “Dino Mite Dude” Tee
  5. Long Sleeve “World’s Best Brother” Tee
  6. Long Sleeve “Future Hall of Famer” Hooded Tee

We also noticed that there were quite a few items on a doorbuster sale so we picked up these pairs of pants for just $10 each. They’re amazingly warm fleece for the boys. They’re cute for going out and running errands, but they’re also incredibly comfortable to staying at home playing. Again, it’s a total of 4 pairs of pants for the boys.


  1. Grey MVP Fleece Pants
  2. Blue MVP Fleece Pants

So, what’d we spend?


To recap, we purchased 14 tops and 4 pairs of pants, for a total of 18 pieces and spent $113.25. We also used a coupon for 25% off $30 or more. That coupon is also available for you to use in store or online.


(Click on coupon to download a larger version.)

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