Meeting with a Lacatation Consultant


Today was my appointment with a lactation consultant. I went armed with my breast pump, a lot of questions, and very very hopeful to the wealth of information I was hoping to discover to get my boys nursing.

After the initial explanation about my previous problems breastfeeding, I brought her current.

She seemed hopeful but felt because we were dealing with a relactating, rather than the initial lactating experience, two heads were better than one. She stepped out of the room and grabbed a second consultant.


Both lactation consultants agreed with the previous lactation consultant that suggested I have insufficient glandular tissue. Because of this problem, I would certainly have some sort of “strike” against me in breastfeeding. But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t or wouldn’t produce enough for my boys.

However, this isn’t going to stop me. Even if I can give them some, and not necessarily be their only milk source. Some for me is the bigger than exclusively breastfeeding. It’s not that I don’t want that, quite the opposite. But, my boys are already formula fed and I know that I have some major hurdles to overcome to provide some that exclusively breastfeeding seems a little daunting.

Beyond the glandular tissue conversation they suggest that I have a visit with my OB/GYN and primary physician to get a “full panel workup.” Specifically recommending that I have my thyroid checked. Additionally, I have not had a “normal” cycle since the boys were born but still find myself bleeding frequently. Though I have suspected, they also suggested that I may have a uterine infection and that concerns me greatly.

In regard to having my thyroid checked, they expressed a concern that my hormone levels may be off. For women who are lactating, or at least trying to, this could be a huge set back.

Moving past that, we had to deal with Henry and Oliver latching correctly and being interested in latching.

Getting them Latched

Though my boys occasionally use me for comfort nursing, their latch is not perfect for properly drawing milk out nor stimulating a lot of milk production. And once they witnessed what Henry does, they quickly had the opinion that a nursing shield was going to be best for me to use, right now.


Nursing Shield

Neither of us feel as though a nursing shield is going to be the long term solution. However, it is going to get the boys used to being at the breast for milk, rather than just comfort. And the minute I used it, with both Henry and Oliver, they nursed much longer than they ever have.

For the time being, it is my goal to spend as much time nursing them as they will allow me. Not only will this get them used to being at my breast to eat, but it will help stimulate my breasts for that all important let down that I so struggle with.

Keep Going

With the exception of what I have mentioned above, my plan remains the same. I am still taking both the herbal supplements as well as domperidone; with the combination of pumping.

I can feel and see the changes that are happening. And though little milk will actually come out, I can feel that it is there. Hopefully this changes soon.

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