Mamas & Papas Safari Jacket and Jeans

I received Mamas & Papas safari jacket and nautical jeans for my twins to facilitate this review. Mamas & Papas has not influenced nor reviewed this post prior to posting. All opinions expressed are my own.


When Zadey was a baby I loved to shop for her. I’d glance over at the boy section and think to myself “dressing boys just isn’t as fun.” And, when I learned not only was I having twins, but both boys, I thought the same thing.

Then I began shopping for them, and discovered that’s not really the case. No they don’t have foo-fu clothing, it’s not quite as pretty. But instead you get in to the boy, the rugged, the sports, the superheros, and it doesn’t take long to discover, it is fun, it’s just different.

That discovery has been fun for me. Because I love to shop, I love dressing my kids, and yes, they are my dress-up dolls.

With the boys it really has been twice the adventure. Do I dress them the same? Different? Corresponding?

It’s been a little bit of both, actually.

Recently I had the opportunity to check out clothing from Mamas & Papas, and I couldn’t adore it anymore.

Mamas & Papas Safari Jacket


The first item we received from Mamas & Papas was the safari jacket. Perfect for spring or early fall, this lightweight jacket has the most unique pattern I have seen for little boys.

It sports cute pockets, many shades of green, and beautiful flowers. It is hands down the first time I have seen flowers done right for a little boy.

To keep this lightweight jacket sitting right on your little wiggle worm, it also offers a zipper and button enclosure. And, the size of it definitely lends itself well to being worn while in a carseat. Huge bonus.


The safari jacket retails for $39.19 and comes in sizes ranging from 6 months to 2 years old.

Mamas & Papas Nautical Jeans


These adorable nautical jeans from Mamas & Papas were part of their summer collection. But, I must tell you, these are my boys’ first pair of jeans and I could not love them any more. They look so freakin’ adorable in them, they appeared to be comfortable, and they certainly didn’t have any trouble moving in them — as they toted this wagon all over the yard while I was taking pictures.

And while the nautical jeans are no longer available from Mamas & Papas, I have to tell you they have other pants I now have my eye on. For example, the limited edition navy corduroy pants. Or tell me that your or my little men won’t be absolutely adorable in the limited edition jeans with suspenders.

Jeans from Mamas & Papas retails between $20 and $30, and have a size range between 0-3 months and 4 years. Perfect, regardless of how fast your little man is growing.

Buy Mamas & Papas Clothing

Childrens’ clothing from Mamas & Papas is readily available across America at Toys R Us, Babies R Us, and FAO Schwartz. Of course, you can also purchase online right from Mamas & Papas website.

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