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Kids make the biggest messes, seriously. I was that mom prior to Zadey’s arrival that was like “yeah, I’ll have my baby and my house will be so clean and my laundry will always be done.”


And there’s nothing like those little toddlers that walk around full of mess making abilities. Can someone explain to me what’s so fun about turning your bottle upside down just to watch the milk drip out? I don’t get it. Action and reaction, I suppose.

But all these little learning adventures make for some big messes.

So, I got in touch with Libman, because we didn’t even have a broom and mop when we moved in to our new place.

If these little messes were going to continue, I had to clean them up, and quickly. They were kind enough to send me exactly what I needed — broom, dust pan, mop, mop pads, and cleaner. They’re so awesome.

Libman Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan


What’s nice about the precision angle broom is in fact the angle. This allows for an easy reach under cabinets, around toilets, and in to corners; allowing you to maximize your clean up sweep.

For those of us that try to be environmentally aware, the polymer fibers are made from 80% recycled plastic bottles.

libman-angled-broom-handle The other nice feature is the ability to hang the broom up. Not all brooms come with this and I like to tuck brooms in closets, out of the way, and out of the reach of my curious little people.

This is especially true with my toddler boys who love to help clean but also think that cleaning is about tasting everything. Ew.

And in our new home, we don’t actually have a lot of closet space to tuck this away and the good ‘ol standby of beside the fridge is out with those tiny little hands, too. So the hanging handle has come in very handy to get this up and out of the way of those boys.

The included dust pan is also incredibly useful to get all the little bits up off the floor. Have you ever tried to use a piece of paper or cardboard as a dust pan? I have, don’t judge me. It doesn’t work as well, trust me.

You’ll also notice that there is small slots above the broom, this is great for those sweeps in to the dust pan allowing you to actually hold and maneuver the broom. Sweeping is now a one person job.

Libman Freedom Spray Mop

libman-freedom-mop-container The easy spray mop has become the must have in homes in the last few years. But a lot of them have three downsides:

  1. You are required to use their cleaner.
  2. You must continuously buy their cleaning pads.
  3. They require batteries.

But, at last, freedom from all of that. Using the Libman Freedom Spray Mop batteries are not required. Instead of trashing a cleaning pad, you get a cloth cleaning pad with 3 green scratch-free, deep cleaning strips. And, my most favorite feature — choose your own cleaner!

While Libman offers their Freedom Multi-Surface Cleaner, which smells wonderful, you’re welcome to use any cleaner you wish.

Make your own cleaner? Use the time tested standby of vinegar and water? Found a wonderful way to clean up all those toddler messes? No problem with the Freedom Spray Mop.

That’s right, you get to pick which cleaner you use.

libman-freedom-mop-pad-backAnother HUGE plus for me is how the cleaning pad attaches to the Freedom Spray Mop. Because we usually find that with other spray mops, the pad is attached using velcro but once you start cleaning, it gets soaked and it no longer holds tight to the cleaning pad.

Not the case here.

Instead those built-in grips hold tight to the cleaning pad and allow you to really dig in and get the mopping done — and quick for those of you who, like me, have two toddlers chasing you while you mop.

Oh yeah, cleaning is fun in our house.

Another great addition is the length of the cleaning pad.


This microfiber cleaning pad measures 15″ x 5″ to cover more surface area at one time. And, have I mentioned that it’s machine washable? That’s right, no more sticking your hands in dirty mop water, either to get all the dirt and water out of your mop head. Instead just toss this sucker right in to the machine and let it handle the clean up for you.

Libman Freedom! Multi-Surface Concentrated Floor Cleaner

libman-freedom-mop-cleanerWhile you really can use any cleaner you choose with the Freedom Spray Mop, Libman also offers the Freedom Multi-Surface Concentrated Floor Cleaner.

With a perfectly measured 1 oz cup attached, you simply add this floor cleaner along with water to your mop and you’re ready to go. That means this 16 oz bottle of Freedom Multi-Surface Concentrated Floor Cleaner is enough to refill your Freedom Spray Mop 16 times.

It’s also safe to use on a variety of surfaces including: tile, vinyl, wood, linoleum, laminate, marble, stone and more.

For those of you with hardwood floors, Libman didn’t forget about you. They also offer the Freedom Hardwood Concentrated Floor Cleaner.

Purchase Libman Cleaning Products

These and other great Libman cleaning products are available at a wide variety of retailers including Target, Walmart, Costco, and Amazon. Locate a Libman retailer new you in both the US and Canada.

Freedom Spray Mop retails for $28.10 on Amazon.
Precision Angle Broom & Dustpan retails for $9.97 on Amazon.
Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner retails for $12.50 on Amazon.

Libman Clean Sweep Giveaway


Want to clean up all your little messes with Libman? They’re offering one lucky Moving Through Life the chance to win a Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan, Freedom Spray Mop & Refill Cleaning Pad, and Freedom Multi-Surface Cleaner.

This giveaway will run from 11/25/13 to 12/9/13 at midnight EST and is open to US residents, 18+ only. Easy entry using Rafflecopter below. Winner has 24 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be drawn. Winning entry will be verified. Entry in this giveaway constitutes your recognition of my official giveaway rules. Good luck!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Billie R.


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