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Watching my boys play is one of the many highlights of my day. There’s something about little boys… they’re so curious. They want to figure everything out and sometimes, watching my boys play becomes watching their intensity as their little brains get to work at what’s really going on.

Since I noticed this with them I have tried to be more proactive in getting toys for them that actually do something. You’d be surprised how hard that actually is to find. Most toys don’t require a lot of interaction and even fewer of them help in the developing their physical and cognitive skills.

I’m the kind of mom that explains a lot to my kids, even my little babies, and I do it with learning in mind. As I get them dressed I explain things, “Let’s put our right arm in our right sleeve… now where’s your right hand? Oh! There it is. Okay, now it’s left arm’s turn.”

When Zadey was a baby, it felt like I was talking to myself. But, it slowly just became more natural to me to explain to my kids what we’re doing, how we do something, or what I’m doing for them. I believe it’s how we develop. And, maybe explaining to my kids how I’m dressing them is one of the reasons that Zadey didn’t mix up her shoes when she was a toddler.

Meet B Kids Toys

I recently discovered B Kids and love their world of toys. Every single thing on their website offers kids the opportunity to actually do something with their toys. There is toys that help with physical activities and there are toys that help learn. And, they’re crafted so beautifully and so classic, that I couldn’t help but to fall in love with their design style, too.

See n’ Spin Alphabet Rack

see-n-spin-alphabetThe See n’ Spin Alphabet Rack has to be one of my favorite toys from B Kids. It is a great balance of play, learning, and craftsmanship. And the way the pieces move allows toddlers to develop their fine motor skills.

The alphabet rack allows you to introduce your baby to the entire range of alphabet. Each small block has two sides that are for teaching.

On one side, there’s a little in upper and lowercase form. On the backside, there’s an image using that letter as well as a word.

And each block can be spun around to reveal each letter, picture, and corresponding word. What a great tool to teach the alphabet with the see and say method.

The rack is constructed out of real word, lending to that classic feeling. The sides are cushioned with an innovative soft rubber edging. Don’t worry, there’s no rough edges that will hurt baby. And that soft edging also helps keep the rack in place which allows for longer play time without it knocking over.

The See n’ Spin Alphabet Rack is available from the B Kids store and retails for $40.00. Be sure to grab the coupon code at the end of this post!

Race ‘n Drop Track

race-n-drop-trackDo your kids become giddy with excitement when toys move on their own? Oh, my boys go nuts for this! That they can create a chain reaction fills them with so much excitement!

Another amazing toy for those fine motor skills is this Race ‘n Drop Track. They simply let the car go at the top of the track and moves through each brightly colored racetrack with flips.

It took Henry only a minute to let it go and he laughed as the car went flying down the track. Instant delight.

The Race ‘n Drop Track features 4 tier racetrack, two cars, and a light up ball.

Just like the See n’ Spin Alphabet Rack, the Race ‘n Drop Track is constructed of wood and cushioned corners. The cushioned corners are even more useful on this as it helps grip the surface it’s standing on so your racetrack doesn’t get dumped over during all the excitement.

The Race ‘n Drop Track is recommended for ages 24 to 36 months and is available from the B Kids store and retails for $40.00. You’ll want to grab the coupon code at the end of this post, too.

Spin Around Kids


I have never met a kid that doesn’t love to spin, have you? This fun Spin Around Kids allows toddlers to use their own strength to get the play in motion. By simply using twisting the disc handle, kids are set in motion, twirling around and around.

Perfect for inside play and those never fun boring days, the Spin Around Kids will transform the kitchen floor in to hours of entertainment and laughter.

The Spin Around Kids is recommended for toddlers 18 months and up. It retails for $28.00 at the B Kids store.

B Kids Store Coupon Code

All of the above toys are available at the B Kids Store and are perfect for the little ones in your life this holiday season. Get a 10% savings on your purchase when you use the coupon code ThroughLife. Be sure to keep up with B Kids on Facebook and Twitter, too.


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    My kids loved having a toy that spun around! Shoot in my daughters kindergarten class, they had a thing called “Motor Moms” and it was once a week and they did different activities and a sit n spin was one of the things they used!

  2. says

    Sit and Spin was one of my favorite toys when I was young! I still remember spinning around as fast as I could go until I was dizzy and barely able to hold on!

  3. says

    I am done shopping for the little kids on my list for Christmas, but I’m going to have to remember the See n’ Spin Alphabet Rack when it comes birthday time.

  4. says

    These look like awesome toys – great gift ideas! I love that you explain things that you’re doing to your kids, I agree with you that it has huge benefit even if it’s not apparent right now, LOL. :)


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