It’s Finally Happening, A Place of Our Own!


Earlier this week Joanne and I decided that we’re finally ready, our ducks are in a row, we know what our plan is, and it’s time to get out and find our own place to live.

After 3 months (as of yesterday) in Indiana, it’s time for our family to have our own space. We need life to get back in order to make other things happen for us, and our kids need their normal rules of life to keep our structure before that’s gone.

More importantly, we had to secure finances. And, with all that said, we’re ready.

As you may recall, we’ve been staying with friends in Indiana to get here and get our feet on the ground. They have been more than kind and generous to us. But, as I’m sure you could imagine, merging two families has its challenges and we’re all ready to resume or normal lives.

Finding a Place to Live in Indiana

We are currently residing just outside of Indianapolis. It’s a country life our here, and it feels like we’re a world away from the city and all things we’re used to.

When I was on the phone with my best friend last weekend an ambulance went by her place, and I heard it. That was a noise I had not heard in 3 months! And though I don’t really appreciate the sound of an ambulance, nor what it stands for, it’s that kind of city life noise that you come to miss living out in the country.

So when we were looking for a place to live we had the great debate of moving in to the city more or staying where we’re at. And truth be told, if Zadey had not already started school here, we probably would have opted to change cities. But we just can’t move her during the school year, especially since she’s been held back a grade.


Now here we are in the country, searching for a place to rent in a world full of farm land and home ownership. There’s just one apartment complex in this city. One. What’s up with that? I’m using to seeing complex after complex. But, that’s not the case here. Knowing this going in to place hunting I decided this may or may not be a bad thing for us. Because if there are no apartments to rent, we look for a house which would be great for the kids. On the other hand, a house increases the rent, bills, and utilities.

There are just so many things to consider. As always.

The most important factor however, is Zadey. She didn’t need another school move, not right now. So here we are, in this tiny little town. And we’re house hunting.

It took 4 days and seeing 1 place. Yep, just 1. We applied, we waited, and yesterday, it became ours.

This morning we put down a deposit, signed a lease, and did the pre-lease walk through. It’s a home. It has a yard, and a garage.

We’ve never had a garage before.

And now, it’s time to start rebuilding our home.

We Have… Nothing!


To help finance our move, and make moving nearly across the country more affordable, Joanne and I decided to sell darn near everything. We moved here with nothing more than what I could tow behind us in the largest U-Haul trailer available.

Most of that stuff has remained in boxes, stored in an extra bedroom. To be honest, I’m not sure of what we still have, anymore. I can’t remember what we decided to and not to take. And as I prepare to unbox those items, I’m sure I’m in for a few surprises.

On the other hand, there are things I know for sure are gone. The dishes that Joanne and I have had for 12 years, those are gone. There are no pots and pans. We do not have any cleaning supplies, a vacuum, or any of the basics.

Furniture is definitely out. The only thing big we brought with us is our bed, which I just couldn’t leave behind.. There is no sofa, dinning room table, or anything more than a few folding chairs.

And Now, The Exciting Part!

Joanne and I have had the same style of decorations, the same color schemes for 12 years. They’re earthy tones, and colors we love. But, we’re over it. We want brighter, more bold, and a total overhaul and change.

I love to decorate.

Once I thought I should have become an interior designer, but I think I’m only good enough for my quirky style that Joanne goes along with.

Now, we have a place. We’ve signed the lease. So the fun begins.

I’m shopping, I’m playing up a new color scheme, and I’m falling in love with colors like “lemon zest” and “burnt orange.” We’re looking to go modern, and use white with more punches of color.

So… as we rebuild, I’m blogging. I’ll share with you my finds, what I fall in love, and furniture pieces and how I use them.

What’s Your Style?

As we’re developing our own style, I want to know… what’s your style? What colors do you love in your home? Do you refinish furniture or buy them as-is. Shout it and give me some guidance!


  1. says

    Yay. A new place is always exciting.

    I have a lived in kind of style. I like colors and patterns and fun. But I want it to look lived in and comfy and inviting. My husband loves the clean, minimal modern look. Needless to say, when it comes to our home, I win. :)

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