It’s All About… Isaac Mizrahi Boots!

I received the Isaac Mizrahi Celia Boots to facilitate this review. No further compensation has been received. Isaac Mizrahi and Bloomingdales has not influenced nor reviewed this post prior to posting.


There’s one serious perk for us girls living in a significantly cooler climate than California.


I know it sounds crazy, but you’re going to have to let me explain this one.

In California, during winter, it means I can throw a hoodie on, wear my capris, and unless it’s seriously raining, my flip flops will do just fine.

I don’t really have much of a summer and winter wardrobe, because honestly, I wear the same thing all year long.

Zadey does have a winter wardrobe, because she’s so tiny. It hits 50 degrees and she’s freezing. But for her it just means wearing her jeans, socks, tennis shoes, and a nice jacket. That’s it. She’s good.

It was last year when Zadey started asking for boots. And knowing the winter like I do, it just wasn’t a top priority. Shoes up your calves to keep you warm certainly are not required. Why would I spring for the added expense?

Now, in Indiana, boots are required. We can’t seem to get enough layers on Zadey to keep her nice and warm. But there’s one thing I know for sure… those mesh covered tennis shoes we’ve been replacing for the last several years, those are out.

She wants boots, and I can’t argue, she needs them.

During the summer we purchased his crazy adorable dress for Zadey. I knew it would be the perfect dress to wear this fall/winter if she had warm leggings and boots. We’ve got the boots… now she just needs the leggings. And when we tried the dress on Zadey with the boots, I couldn’t believe how incredibly grown she looked.


So recently I had an email sent me to sharing the hottest boots for fall and winter. And I have to admit, I perked up. There were so many amazing options, so cute and stylish, and all I wanted Zadey to have. She is, after all, my self-declared fashionista.

But, ultimately, I picked the Isaac Mizrahi Celia boots. She just has too many outfits these cute boots can go with that I knew she had to have them. And, with the height, I knew they’d do a good job at helping keep her tiny little legs warm.


The Isaac Mizrahi Celia Boots, in brown, are two-toned giving the middle a lighter appearance that the top of the boot and top of the foot. They’re super cute.

The width of the leg opening also allows them to work great alone, with thick socks, over jeans, or anything you can imagine paring with them.


I cannot begin to tell you how much Zadey loves them, and how excited she is to wear them and show them off at school. They’re just crazy adorable and perfect for the girl who’s a boot fan.

Available in brown and black with cheetah detail, these Isaac Mizrahi boots are available at Bloomingdales. They retail for $69 in sizes 13-5 and are available in-store only. Locate a Bloomingdales near you.

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    Gosh, these are SUPER cute and very fashionable! I can totally see why Zadey loves them! And WOW.. she does look so much older! She’s still beautiful as ever though!

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