How to Tell My Twins Apart

How to Tell My Twins Apart

I’m continually amazed at how many people think my boys look just alike or ask if they are identical. The truth is, I don’t know if they are identical or fraternal, but my bet is on fraternal while the rest of the family swears they’re identical.

This year will be the year we find out though.

When they were younger, I could easily see how people got them confused. And there were times when I had to do a double take to make sure I was talking about the right baby. Or I would rely on their outfits to know right away without really looking at their faces.

Often I am asked “how do you tell them apart,” and because it’s typically a quick conversation I just answer with “they look like two different people to me.” Most people don’t get that, but I’m their mom. It’s programed in me; though telling them apart was one of my biggest concerns while I was pregnant with them.

How to Tell My Twins Apart

Even now, when looking at their infant pictures, I have to look for a minute to know who is who. But, that’s not the case anymore. Now there are clearly defined features and they look totally different to me. So, let me help you.

Just Look at Their Sweet Faces

Okay, let’s break down their little faces first as you’ll see the most differences here.

How to Tell My Twins Apart

The Eyes.
Henry’s eyes are more round. Oliver’s eyes are more almond shape.

How to Tell My Twins Apart

The Nose.
Henry’s nose is wider and softer on top. Oliver’s nose is more narrow and has a slight point on the top with his nostrils being more defined.

How to Tell My Twins Apart

The Lips.
Henry’s lips are bigger. Oliver’s upper lip is thinner.

How to Tell My Twins Apart

The Jaw Line.
Henry’s jaw line is more square. Oliver’s jaw line is round.

There’s a Weight Difference, Too!

How to Tell My Twins Apart

When they were born, there was only a 10 oz difference between my boys. At 35 weeks they were 4 lbs 15 oz and 4 lbs 5 oz. Slowly there became a one pound difference, then two, then three. Now at 21 months old, there’s a 6 lb difference between them and it clearly shows.

Henry is the bigger boy. He’s also taller by half an inch.

Can you see the difference in these two pictures?

How to Tell My Twins Apart

How to Tell My Twins Apart

What Do You Think?

Now that I have broken it down on exactly how to tell them apart, do you think you could do it? Do you notice any other features about my boys that are different? What’s your guess… are they identical or fraternal twins?


  1. says

    Ha, even with the notable differences you pointed out, they look identical to me. I bet it’s sure fun to be a twin. ;) One thing’s for sure, they’re both absolutely adorable (but you knew that already). :)

  2. says

    I can see why people would think they’re identical. Even in that first photo, I could see some of the differences you pointed out. I definitely think they’re fraternal. (And either way, they are SUPER CUTE.)

  3. says

    They are 2 of the most adorable little boys I have ever seen! I can see the differences but they definitely look A LOT A LOT A LOT alike.

  4. Pam says

    There are definitely some defined differences between your sons! I usually find it easy to tell twins apart. It’s usually in the eyes.

  5. says

    Ummmm there is hardly any difference between those precious babies. They look exactly alike. I can kinda see the differences you pointed out, but it is still hard to tell

  6. says

    I can always tell by their eyes. Having twins in my family, I had learned to pick a feature and stick with that. I’ve always seen Henry as a bit taller too. Their jawline definetly does it too. Idk that they are identical, BUT having seen photos of them as newborns, I’ve always struggled to tell them apart. I’m that friend who guilty of “the one in the red shirt.. Is that Henry or Oliver?..” Lol whatever the case, they are handsome and sweet boys!! I am eager to know if they bare fraternal or identical though!!

  7. says

    Omg your boys need to be in a commercial or something lol. They are the cutest boys I’ve ever seen! Next to mine of course lol. I can see the difference now that you point it out. I love this post.

  8. says

    With just a quick glance, it would be hard for me to tell them apart. However, I did notice the eye differences almost right away. They are such cute little boys!

  9. says

    Their lips and jaw line were the first things I noticed. Going along with their eyes, the photos make their eyebrows look like they arch differently, too. Henry’s is more arched, while Oliver’s is more rounded, like his jaw line. I would bet, though, if they weighed the same it would be a lot harder to see those small differences.

  10. teresa mccluskey says

    I could not tell them apart until you pointed it out! It really goes to show how sometimes you just gotta take a deeper look into things! They are so cute btw!

  11. says

    Oh my goodness, they’re so adorably round I can hardly stand it! Perfect!
    While I can see the slight differences when you point them out, I’d still think they were identical if I had to decide… But you’re right, when they’re yours (or closely related to you) you can always tell them apart. I know from experience with family and friends. Crazy how you can really see the differences (even in identical) when you see them regularly and know them!
    So I’m curious; they didn’t tell you identical or fraternal when you were pregnant? All of my friends and family members who have had twins (or triplets) were told when they were pregnant… I just assumed they always did that…?

  12. says

    What adorable boys you have! Of course a mom can tell her boys apart! My dad has trouble to this day telling me & my sister apart and we’re not twins nor do we look alike!

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