How I Do It: Holding Twins

In this post series, I’m answering the question of “How do I do it?

I think it’s important to say that our boys are only 3 months old. Holding them at the same time is fairly easy right now. My methods have changed, and adapted as they have gotten bigger. So, at this point, I can only hope that continues so that I can always hold them together. At least while they’re still babies.

So, there are a couple of different ways that I pick up and hold the boys, at the same time.

In the NICU, and when they got home, I often swaddled them together. They’d be in the position of “spooning” each other, swaddled, and it was super easy to pick them up this way. In the above picture, this is how they are.

When they got home from the hospital they were just about 5 lbs and 4.5 lbs each. This made holding them together easier.

Typically I’d hold one in each arm. It’s hard to get a good cradle hold doing this. But I can do it. And now I find that it’s better to have their tummies laying on my arm and hold them that way, rather than having them on their back.

This is the day we came home from the hospital:

Holding Twins
Yes, I was tired. Yes, I looked like crap.

At this size, it was super easy for me to grab them, and support them, with just one hand. Now that they’re bigger, I’m thankful for their own head control which allows me to still pick them up one handed.

Here’s the other thing I should probably note. I never realized this before having twins, or until Joanne pointed it out to me. I have really long arms. Not that I’m a small girl, I’m 6′ tall! But my arms are super long. My hands are big, too but I have always known that.

Moving on…

The most common way for me to hold them together now is on my chest. If I’m moving them from one spot to the next, one I pick up and hold on my shoulder facing behind me. The other I pick up and roll into my arms, and they’re facing out. I don’t have a picture of when I have them this way but I’m sure you can imagine it.

It’s also very easy for me to get one with each hand/arm, roll them on to my arm, and then up to be against my chest. Doing this, they’ll face out.

Holding Twins

If they’re laying on our bed, or the couch next to each other, it’s easy for me to bend over them and scoop them up together. Doing this, they’ll both face out. And if they have a blanket under them for me to wrap my arms around them, that’s easier but not required.

Holding them together is usually only something I do to get them settled somewhere else. Otherwise, I just really hold one at a time. Picking them up together from say, the bouncy seat, is a bit more complicated and then I don’t feel like I’m supporting them well enough. I can do it, just prefer not to. But from a holding position, I can set them into their bouncy seats, lay them on the couch, or on their play mat, etc.

Going back to having long arms, I can place them both, in one arm. When I do this, they face out and rest their butts on my body. My arm will then be wrapped around them and holding them, the same way you’d do an outward hip carry with one baby. We live in an upstairs apartment so this is typically the way that I hold them going down the stairs so that I can still hold on to the railing and watch my step. Otherwise, this hold isn’t really needed day to day.

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