How I Do It: Babywearing Twins

In this post series, I’m answering the question of “How do I do it?

I love the idea of baby carriers. And it was one of my first realizations, and soon disappointments with having twins. How would I carry them during shopping trips? I hate putting little tiny babies in big strollers to go out. Keeping them close keeps them comfortable. It also keeps strangers hands off of them; because that really irritates me, too.

I knew about the Moby wrap, before the boys came. I hadn’t used one with Zadey but, was interested. So I started doing my research on different types of carriers and wraps. Quickly I came across a video that showed a woman carrying her twins using a Moby style wrap. It looked easy enough.

My sister-in-law had a Moby wrap she was not using. And I had Zadey’s old baby carrier that I couldn’t use. So we did a quick, temporary trade.

Here’s the video I used to learn how to wrap the boys:

What I know now is that what she is showing is the most common way to wrap a Moby. But I wouldn’t have gotten the hang of how to place the boys if it wasn’t for her video.

Babywearing TwinsI often find, when I do this, I have to place them in while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. It helps me to know if I have their butt placed correctly and enough fabric stretched between their legs to support them. And, it helps me make sure both have enough room for their legs. But because I do this commonly for shopping trips, I’ve gotten good at doing it by feel as well.

There are other video tutorials I have watched where the woman is using 2 Moby wraps to carry her twins. That seems crazy and really tied up to me. I won’t be doing that.

And again, the boys are bigger so I do this less and less. They fit more comfortably in their stroller at 10+ lbs than they did at 4.5 lbs. They get heavy, quick.

Now, the Moby isn’t just good for outings. We’ve had a couple of days where all one baby needs is to be held. Or, all I need is to hold my baby that’s wide awake but have 1,001 things I need to get done.

Babywearing TwinsWhen this is the case, I use the Moby the same as those with just one baby and carry one of them that way. I have cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, cooked, made Jell-o (that’s the picture to the left), and many more things using the Moby.

On the market, there is a twin carrier. It has lots of different options, and generally speaking looks cool. Having said that, it’s about $125 and I don’t feel like that’s worth it to me.

I would, on the other hand, like to get a second Moby. This will let Joanne and I each wear a baby when we go shopping for quite awhile. We did this once, on Halloween when we took Zadey trick or treating. I borrowed a friend’s Moby and we each wore a baby. People thought they were dolls. It was awesome, comfortable, and very warm.

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