Henry & Oliver’s First Haircut

Henry & Oliver's First Haircut

The very idea of Henry and Oliver getting their first haircut made my stomach turn. My little men are only 15 months old and I just wasn’t ready to let go of the baby hair and the wispy curls they had in the back. On the other hand, their hair was getting a bit shaggy and sleeping made that shag turn to knots.

I knew it was time, but I really didn’t want to confess to it.

Joanne and I spent a long time debating on when we’d do it. Is now the right time? Maybe we should wait until we move to California so the family can see all this baby shag cuteness?

Then coupons arrived in the mail. And we just couldn’t deny the good deal we’d get at Great Clips and knew we had to use them for the boys. I still debated and I still walked in with a stomach ache.

Henry’s First Haircut

Henry's First Haircut

I was nervous for Henry to go first. He fell asleep in the car on the way over and this usually spells a fit when he’s woken up. But I carried him in and he sat down immediately in a chair. Then he looked up at the girl with a HUGE smile and I knew he’d be okay.

He did so well getting his haircut! He sat like a big boy, smiled A LOT at the girl cutting his hair, and was such a happy boy. Only a couple of times did I have to distract him with the penguins on his apron to get him to look at the right spot.

The only part he didn’t like was being shaved at the end. And he didn’t throw a fit about it, but he scrunched his shoulders and made a face. He wasn’t angry, but he’s dislike for what was happening was obvious.

Henry's First Haircut

Oliver’s First Haircut

Oliver's First Haircut

Oliver went second and I expected him to do well. He had been sitting in a chair behind Henry watching the whole time with excitement. He clapped, he was happy, he was screaming with delight. And when we sat him in the chair his excitement continued.

I explained to the girl what I wanted for Oliver’s hair (different than what I wanted for Henry) and she went to work. Generally, Oliver did really well. He was happy most of the time, smiled a lot at the girl, but I had a hard time getting him to put his head in the right places.

Towards the end of his cut, he started to throw a fit and wanted out of the chair. I ended up having to hold him for the last couple of cuts and his shave. Hair everywhere! But, it came out really good and he was happy afterwards.

Oliver's First Haircut

I’m really happy with the way their cuts turned out. They’re slightly different styles, but not quite different enough for people to be able to use their haircut to tell them apart. For that they’ll still have to rely on those slight differences in features.

Great Clips did a great job, as always. Zadey and I recently got our haircut at the same location so I’m glad we took the boys back their for their first time.

Watching the boys now they look like such big boys. It changed how their age appears on them. And though I was hesitant in doing it for the first time, looking at them now I know it was the right decision.

Funny, we we arrived in Indiana they hardly had any hair. Their first haircut was way off. Now, just 6 months later, their first haircut came just in time for us to leave Indiana.

They’re not going home shaggy babies, but instead clean cut good looking little boys.

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