Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World

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So, as I have already shared, we had an amazing trip to Holiday World to celebrate the kids’ birthdays. Our time there really could not have been more perfect.

And, we couldn’t have chosen a better weekend to go as we were there for the first weekend of Holiday World’s annual Happy Halloween Weekends.

Holiday World is transformed in to family friendly, gore-free Halloween extravaganza. With full fledged Halloween themed entertainment, they have captured the magical side of Halloween without all the fright and scare.

Perfect for kids.

And, I kind of have to admit it, I hate Halloween for the gore of it. I hate being scared. I hate the blood, guts, masks, and everything that seems to come with Halloween. But, there is none of that at Holiday World’s Happy Halloween Weekends. Not only is it safe for my kids, but me too! BONUS!

Though it seems as Holiday World keeps their all holidays theme, all year long, Happy Halloween weekends extends beyond the Halloween section, as the park is decorated with pumpkins, cobwebs, spiders, and more throughout. But, what makes Happy Halloween Weekends so special, is the extra Halloween activities and attractions.

Graveyard Smash Musical

In keeping with the Halloween theme, one of our favorite things at Holiday World was the Graveyard Smash musical. The cast transforms modern pop songs for Halloween, then sings and dance to them. Their costumes are phenomenal, and the makeup is unbelievable. They go all out.

The boys even enjoyed the show and danced to the music. And at one point, a couple of the characters grabbed kids from the audience and got them involved, too.


[nggallery id=33]

Holidog’s 3D Halloween Adventure

Holidog, one of Holiday World’s mascots, has lost is candy. In this 3D adventure, you walk through trying to help Holidog find his candy.

I have to tell you, the colors of this 3D adventure are amazing, and so vivid! Zadey is now hoping to use her 3D glasses to make everything 3D.

Holidogs 3D Adventure at Holiday World

[nggallery id=34]

Holiday World Corn Maze

Halloween fun just isn’t complete without a hay ride and a walk through a corn maze… or two. And Holiday World has that, too. Check out these amazing corn mazes.


[nggallery id=35]

Gourdon’s Hallow

Sit for a spell and listen to the giant pumpkin, Gourdon, share his tales from the patch.


As You End Your Day…

On Saturday, as your day at Holiday World comes to an end, there’s one last treat in store for you. A laser light show set to traditional Halloween music!


And, on Sunday, Holiday World guests are treated to dancing with Holidog, George the Eagle, and Kitty Claus. After the dancing, guests can take their pictures with the mascots.



Visit During Happy Halloween Weekends!

We had so much fun during our visit to Holiday World, pictures just don’t capture all the fun to be had!

You must go and check it out! For the 2013 season, Happy Halloween Weekends happens on:

  • September 21 & 22
  • September 28 & 29
  • October 5 & 6
  • October 12 & 13
  • October 19 & 20
  • October 26 & 27

And, the park hours are:

  • Saturday hours: 11am to 8pm CDT
  • Sunday hours: 11am to 6pm CDT

There are just 4 weekends left, so jump on it and start planning your visit to Holiday World now!!

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