Going Back to Lap-Band Basics


In the two years immediately following my surgery for Lap-Band, I did very well. I was almost always on point with calories, food, and exercise. I had a small period, about 6 months, where I did nothing but maintain my weight. And that was really more about getting myself to the place, mentally, where I recognized just because I was at the lowest weight I had been in my adult life didn’t mean that I was done. Even during that 6 month period I did manage to maintain my weight within 5 lbs.

During those two years I lost 107 lbs. A huge a accomplishment for me, a major step. I was confident and proud of myself. I adored all my new clothes. And, seriously, the weight loss allowed my body to work in a way that I was able to become pregnant.

Pregnant with TwinsWhile pregnant I did my best to be “good.” I didn’t have a ton of cravings, I ate as well as I could, and honestly, I quit exercising because carrying those boys was more than enough exercise for me. But I was constantly busy my entire pregnancy. I was always on the go, so that ended up working out in my favor.

In 35 weeks I gained 35 lbs. That’s really quite a big deal with twins as my doctor expected me to gain 45 to 50 lbs.

After the boys were born, I thought I’d go right back to my Lap-Band diet, exercise as soon as I was cleared, and get on with it. Oh man, was I wrong! I had completely unrealistic expectations of parenting twins and taking care of myself. It had been seven years since I had a baby and did I ever forget what that was like!

Taking care of myself fell by the way side. And there I have been stuck for the last 14 months. It’s no longer acceptable for me to use the “baby weight” excuse. Not only does the weight I gained with the boys have to go, but I was still 100 lbs from being at my personal goal weight.

So, now, I am going back to Lap-Band basics.

What is my Lap-Band diet like?

It seems as though everyone has a different set of rules after weight loss surgery. Those rules are given by the surgeon that you choose, and are specific to them based on how and where your band is placed on your stomach.

My rules are as follows:

  • 4 oz meals, three times a day.
  • 3 oz of each meal must be protein.
  • No drinking 30 mins. before or after eating.
  • 56 oz of water per day.
  • Do not exceed 1,000 calories per day.

And, because I’ve also had my gallbladder removed, I limit my fat intake.

I know, to most people, this sounds like a diet they could never do. But, with my Lap-Band, it really is the perfect diet for me. I can last for hours on just 4 oz of food. The problem however is that I have stopped weighing my food and I allow myself to over eat a meals. This is beyond uncomfortable, and I’m just done with it.

The Changes I’m Making

On Monday, December 9th I have a dental appointment. I know that following this dental appointment I’m not going to want to eat, at least for a couple of days. So I’m going to use that to my advantage and kick start some momentum to going back to my Lap-Band diet.

Just as I did immediately following my surgery, I’m going on liquids only. This means I’ll end up consuming about 600 calories per day in the form of three protein drinks. I’m also going to get all of my water in and limit my daily coffee to one cup.

And, let me be honest, at my current rate I’m lucky to get one glass of water in per day, but happily consume at least 8 cups of coffee. Yeah, I know, that’s not good.

The minute my mouth is healed, and I can move without throbbing pain (oh yeah, the dentist is going to do a number on me…) I’m going to pick up my exercise routine again. From day 1 after surgery I was very successful with doing walk at home videos with Leslie Sansone. She’s kind of annoying to listen to, but I knew the routines so well I killed the sound on the video and cranked iTunes. I plan on doing the same thing again this time. Just one 30 minute workout per day will get me going in the right direction.

Once I have “reset my band,” so to speak, I’ll work my way back to eating solid foods, again just like I did after surgery. From soft-solid foods like applesauce and boiled eggs, then on to full on solid foods.

Doing this I’ll be back in full Lap-Band mode and losing weight.

My goal, my hope, is to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight at my birthday on Feb. 20th.


Left: 1 Yr Post-Op. Right: Heaviest Weight

When I’m Back on Plan

See, this isn’t just a diet for me, it’s my new lifestyle and one that I have to do the work to maintain. And, I’m ready to. So once I’m back on plan and back in to the right mental space to continue my weight loss journey, I’ll begin posting YouTube videos again, like I did before.

I Need Your Support

One of the best things about making YouTube videos while in active weight loss was the amazing community of support. And I know that I can make a video, put it up, and get the support I need. But, I did that once thinking I could go back to plan and just couldn’t seem to make the time for myself. So, there will be no videos until I’m going again.

In the mean time, however, you must know that I will have to blog my progress. Can you help support me? Be my cheerleader? I would so appreciate it!


  1. Sandy Cain says

    You can do it! There is not a doubt in my mind that you will succeed! Email me anytime you need a pep talk. You are a beautiful strong woman, and can accomplish ANYTHING! ((((HUGS))))

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