Give Me A Good Book… On My Kindle!



It was April of last year when Joanne showed up at my house for her day with Zadey, book in hand. Joanne is the kind of reader that once engrossed in a book, she doesn’t leave home without it. Her book at the time? The Hunger Games.

Now, I had heard about the book but didn’t know much about it. And needing a book to read, I told her to give it to me when she was done. She agreed. It was only a week later when she brought it to me. I read, and read, and read. It took me less than a week to get through it. I enjoyed it, though not my usual genre of book.

But, The Hunger Games is a series and I had to know what happened next. I called my Mom with the dreadful question, to her at least, “are you using your Nook right now?” She wasn’t, and agreed to let me borrow it so I could read part two and three of The Hunger Games. Much cheaper than buying the actual book!

During this time, Sperm Donor and I broke up.

I took my Mom’s Nook and read like crazy. And within just a couple of weeks had completed the entire series. I was now living with Joanne, and her roommate and was lost in reading. Zadey had stayed with my sister, in Bakersfield (where we were previously living) to finish her last month of school. I had nothing to do all day. Nothing. No one required anything of me. It was ah-may-zing! AMAZING!

So, I wanted books. Lots, and lots of books.

Mother’s Day was around the corner, and because Joanne and I had previously discussed the idea of getting a Kindle, I brought it up to her again. She agreed. I wasn’t looking for the bells and whistles of Kindles. I wanted to read, a lot. I wanted something easy to use and I wanted something light weight.


You may be asking yourself now, why did I not want the Nook, since I had been using my Moms? Well, it’s simple. I don’t think it’s user friendly, at all. In fact in the couple of weeks I had it I didn’t learn how to use anything about it. I was thankful that the turning the page was self explanatory. And, it was HEAVY. Too heavy to hold for long periods of time reading. It was uncomfortable. Mom loves it, and well, good for her! Not my thing. I wanted a Kindle.

Joanne and I did just a bit of research, set our price point, and decided on a Kindle Touch. And because I was not interested in not having a book to read, therefore was not going to wait out shipping time, we headed to Target to make the purchase.

Since then, I have been reading and reading.

But, I have this emotional (probably unhealthy, I realize) attachment to my Kindle. I needed books at a time when I did not want to deal with reality. Things were CRAZY in my life. I was in a lot of emotional turmoil, and I was attempting to grow some babies. Rest and books is exactly what my life called for.

During most of my pregnancy you could find me walking around the house, head down, reading. Or sitting in a recliner, reading. Or laying in bed, reading.

I completed The Hunger Games, and went to Fifty Shades of Grey (oh yes, I did). Then I started in on the Kinsey Millhone Series by Sue Grafton.

Between those books, I threw in random autobiographies, and political commentary books. None worth mentioning, really. But I read and read. Day by day you could ask me “what are you reading?” And the answer would be different. I could not stop myself!

My Kindle & I Today

Sadly, my Kindle has taken a back seat in my life. Somehow reading has taken a back burner to caring for children. And since I’m more emotionally equipped to deal with the crap in my life now, I’m not looking for an escape as much. Not that I enjoy reading any less.

My Kindle’s home is in my diaper bag. I pull it out while waiting in the pick-up line for Zadey at school. Or when we’ve gone to the park and I’m sitting with the boys; and always at the doctor’s office! It now takes me months to get through a book, and I hate that.

But, I’m still a proud Kindle owner. I love going through free Amazon books, sharing books through Amazon Prime membership, and adding my latest and greatest finds to my Kindle. And don’t forget all those wonderful free eBooks everywhere that are written, self-published, and made free to download. Those are the best.

Right now I’m reading Brad Meltzer The Fifth Assassin. I can hardly put it down, as is normal with all the Brad Meltzer books I have read. It’s amazing, and I’m about half way through it — teetering between dying to finish it, and reading slower so that it doesn’t end.

So, as I sit here at my desk working on other projects, I’m lovingly staring at my charging Kindle. And wanted you to know, I love my Kindle.

Do you have a Kindle, or other e-reader? What are you reading, and who’s your favorite author? As soon as I’m done with Brad Meltzer, I’m going to need a new book to read! What’s your recommendation?

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