Flashlight Friends: A Light In The Dark

We received a Pink Unicorn Flashlight Friend to facilitate this review. This post has not been influenced nor reviewed prior to posting.


In the last 8 years I cannot begin to count how many times I’ve looked under the bed, to make sure there’s nothing there. And you all know about the magic spray to keep monsters out of the closet, right? I think the best idea I received, along with a night light, to keep the monsters away at night was the “monster spray.”

Grab a cheap spray bottle from the store, you know the cheap 99 cent variety, and fill it with water and a tiny bit of essence oil. I chose lavender. At night when your kid is sure there is a monster hiding under the bed or in the closet, use the monster spray to take it away.

It works, for a lot of years. But even with the best intentions, lights are still needed. We plug them in all over the house, we leave the bathroom door open with the light on, but are any of those things really comforting?

And then, we meet the Flashlight Friends


The Flashlight Friends are soft, snuggly, perfect stuffed animals with a flaslight on their tummy. With a unique LED light, they don’t heat up and are a real comfort to any kid as they drift off to sleep. Perfect to snuggle up with, they’ll never have a dark room with their friend next to them.

The Flashlight Friends are available in 6 different animals and cater to both boys and girls.

But, the Flashlight Friends don’t just help when chasing the monsters away at night. Ever been on a long road trip traveling at night? I can’t tell you how many times we have been, especially when we used to go between California and Las Vegas. The Flashlight Friend can be a perfect traveling companion and their light can allow your child to sleep comfortably, play, or even draw in the back of the car at night.

What about the tween that loves to read before sleep? Get a win-win situation with the lights out, but the Flashlight Friend on for a few extra minutes of reading before bed. And, because the Flashlight Friend’s light goes off in 10 minutes, use it as the timer for how much extra time is allowed at night staying up to read.

The Flashlight Friends are small enough to be easily portable and take anywhere with you, yet small enough to snuggle and have in bed at night next to your child. Ready at just a moments notice and a tap to the belly for the light to go on for the middle of the night bathroom trip.

This year for Christmas, Zadey is getting her Pink Unicorn Flashlight Friend… and I’m sure it’ll be an even bigger hit than the monster spray I created just a few years ago.

Pick up your Flashlight Friend on their website and collect all 6. They’re available for $19.99 plus shipping.

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