Finding My Perfect Living Room Design

This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.

Sears Furniture Collection

One of the very few good things about having an completely (well, almost) house is that I get to take all the inspiration I can find and turn our place in to something spectacular. Prior to moving to Indiana, Joanne and I have had the same decor for about 8 years. In that period of time, the sofas had changed but they were the same style. We replaced the living room, but the colors remained the same. And the art that hung on the wall… it’s the same.

So when we decided to sell everything and move to Indiana, my brain immediately started mulling over the new wonderful things I could to decorate my house. Oh the amazing furniture I could look at. I could fun and easy DIY projects to make our house more our home.

The classic style, we’ve always had, needed an serious update. I want modern, stylish, and bold colors. Enough with those earthy tones!

It has only been recently that I have started to put together some ideas for what we’re going to do in our living room. I have been scouring places to find the best ideas for me. Everything from Pinterest to Sears Furniture Collection. Look at some of my favorites:

Sears Furniture Collection SOHO

This Soho Collection has to be my favorite. I love the bright color with neutral tones like gray. And instead of being stuck in a design rut for 8 years, like I was before, neutral color furniture will allow me to change colors, pieces, and design anytime I please. Money well invested.

Sears Furniture Collection Bella

I have always dreamed having a bright sofa and loveseat like that in this Bella Collection. But, I think what has my attention here is the rug. Don’t tell me you don’t love that! What a world of accent colors you can choose from with a rug like that.

Sears Furniture Collection Westin

I know this Westin Collection looks like it falls along the lines of what I don’t want. But, looking at it, I think about all the colors that can be used to accent these furniture pieces. And, maybe because I’ve never had it, but patterns on furniture always gets my attention. Always. I love this!

The Sears Furniture Collection has so many great ideas that my mind has gone on to overload thinking about the different colors, accents, and ideas I could work with each living room piece. And… don’t even get me started on the dining room. Well, at least not yet anyway.

Sears Furniture Collection 2014

What are some of your favorite pieces for 2014?

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