Everyone Wants a Good Deal


So, it’s starts like this…

I recently told you guys about our big move. I’m really looking forward to it. But, one of the things Joanne and I decided with this move is that we’re going to forgo the usual big moving truck, and go for a trailer instead. Because of this, we’re downsizing… by a lot.

The thing is, I have wanted to change the style of our home for a long time. We have always decorated in natural, earthy tones and I am so over it. I want something new, fresh, more vibrant, and happy. I’m all about the modern colors, and dream of having white leather sofas. Yeah, I know I’m crazy wanting white with kids.

Anyway, the point is, we’re clearing house and selling so much stuff!

To sell off our things, I took to Facebook. I am part of so many buy, sell, trade groups for my city that I knew things would fly out of here, quickly. And, I was right. Just a few short hours after posting a public album of my items for sell, things started to go.

Here’s where it gets tricky.

Suddenly 10 people are commenting on each picture, and they want the item. Then there’s comments on the album itself asking about different things for sale, and making offers.

When I decided to sell items, I decided I was going to “price to sell” and try to have people forgo the need to haggle. It didn’t work.

Last year we bought bookshelves for $160 each. When I explained that, and said it as the reason I was asking $20 each, $10 was the return offer.

Really? You want me to give up beautiful bookshelves for $10 that are only a year old? I think not.

Moving sale does not equal DESPERATE!

In another instance, I had art that we have had forever listed… two piece I really adore:

wall art

Four years ago I bought each piece for $50. I wasn’t expecting to get full price. But, I believed that $10 each was more than fair. So when did people try to talk me in to $5 each?

Here is my deep freezer:

deep freezer

It’s just a couple of years old, runs perfectly, in great condition, no visible wear and tear. At Home Depot right now my freezer is $229. Being that mine is in good condition but a couple of years old, I thought $100 was fair.

Without seeing it, people were texting me asking if I’d take anywhere from $6 to $75. Um, no. I’m asking $100.

I wasn’t trying to be greedy, quite the opposite in the way I priced things. However, every penny made from the sale of our items is also going towards our move. So I’m not exactly looking to be super generous, either.

In the end, almost everything is now gone from our house. And what is still here, has been spoken for and will be picked up either today or tomorrow.

I suppose I’m just frustrated by the amount of haggling I’ve had to do in the last week… and I took to my blog to complain about it.

Have you sold items on Facebook and found this to be the case, too? This is the first time I’ve sold on Facebook and what an interesting experience! I might have to stick to Craigslist from now on.

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