Ellovi Butter Rehydrates the Skin

I received one jar of Ellovi Butter to faciliate this review. No further compensation was received. Ellovi did not influence nor review this post prior to posting.

About four years ago I decided it was time to quit smoking. I decided this in part because I had to quit smoking to have my Lap-Band surgery. To accomplish this goal, I took Chantix. And, it worked really well.

The problem with Chantix however, is not it’s effectiveness but all of the side effects it comes with. And little did I know it would change my skin.

I have always had really good skin. No acne as a kid, no major flaws. It’s also always been incredibly soft regardless of how much or how little I took care of it.


Since taking Chantix my face is incredibly dry. For the first year after taking it, my face would be so dry I was in pain. When I would get out of the shower I’d have bright red spots all over my face that would burn. It would take at least an hour for them to subside, and in that time I applied large amounts of different facial moisturizes to help rehydrate my skin.

Nothing really cured the problem. I just had to wait it out and keep applying facial cremes to get through the dry patches.

There were times though that I would have to apply a moisturizer several times per day to keep the dry patches from showing. And though I’m not a vein girl, dry patches on my face weren’t the most appealing thing and I wanted to hide them.

In the years since, it’s gotten better. My face no longer burns the way it originally did when I get out of the shower, the red patches aren’t as bright, and they don’t stick around as long. But, I still notice dry patches on my face throughout the day, and I still feel like I need to find the right moisturizer for my face to get this under control.

Because, really, as time marches on, the last thing I want is problems with my skin. This situation will not help me age gracefully.

Then I Heard About Ellovi


I was in a blogger forum when I first heard about Ellovi. And though I was interested in trying it, I felt like it was a product for beauty bloggers and passed. Then Kelly, the creator of Ellovi, came to me, and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. Ultimately, my blog is about my family and me, and what I have just told you is all me. And, frankly, something I hate talking about because I find the story behind my dry skin a bit embarrassing.

So, I decided to give Ellovi a go. Because I’m at the point with my face, that I just want anything to work and I’m willing to try anything to fix the problem. Anything.

Last month I received Ellovi body butter in the mail. It’s a totally cute little jar. And I read the enclosed note and the light bulb went off.

Other moisturizers may not be working to clear the dry patches on my face because they contain water. Not only do they contain water, but water is listed on all my facial creams as the first ingredient.

See for yourself:


Jergens Lotion Ingedients


Palmer’s Coca Butter Ingredients


Ponds Facial Cream Ingredients


Almond Butter Body Velvet Ingredients

If water is causing my face to burn and it adds to the dryness, how is it going to make the dry skin on my face any better?

So, I decided when I read the directions on Ellovi to “apply all over,” my face was the best bet. If there was going to be anything that decided how this worked for me, my dry face was going to be the ultimate test.

Ellovi Body Butter Ingredients


So, if all our other lotions and facial creams contain water as the first ingredient, what does Ellovi have?

Let’s start with not water.

None. Ellovi took the all natural approach when developing their body butter and it contains only natural planet-based ingredients. And that makes all the difference.

  • Macadamia Seed Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Organic Corn Starch
  • Shea

And look at the listing on the jar yourself. It’s actually ingredients you can read, understand, and pronounce. They didn’t just say they’re all natural, planet based, they prove it. When was the last time you could pronounce and understand every ingredient in your beauty products?

With Ellovi, your skin won’t be left feeling greasy, either. And there’s a very light scent that disappears quickly. Once you have applied, it’s with you for the long haul of your day.

My Ellovi Results

I took before and after pictures, but to be honest I am embarrassed. I hate the way my skin looks fresh out of the shower. Allow me to tell you though…


Everyday I applied just a bit to my face. It really doesn’t take much. The picture you see here is exactly how much I use on my face each night.

In the first couple of weeks of using Ellovi, I wasn’t as red when I got out of the shower. My skin burned less.

By three weeks, there was no burning.

And now, a month later, the red spots are improving and I no longer apply moisturizer throughout the day to keep the patches at bay.

The key for me, I’m discovering, is not only a better product but consistency. I have a hard time remembering my own skin care routine in the mad dash at night to get kids off to bed, or in the morning getting kids to school. Life is crazy, and I neglect my skin (and me) in the process.

But, the other moisturizers have been pushed aside for Ellovi; and it’s now my go-to for skin care!

Challenge Your Skin to Ellovi

One jar of Ellovi Body Butter is 3.5 oz and retails for $26. You can pick it up on the Ellovi website with free shipping. And, Ellovi has been kind enough to provide you with a 15% off coupon using movingthroughlife.

I also highly suggest that you follow Ellovi on Twitter and Facebook, as they run specials from time to time.

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