Don’t Let Halloween Go Wrong!

This post was created in partnership with Crest & Oral-B as part of the #SweetHalloween Program.


Halloween kicks off a very fun time of year. Holiday traditions are abound and the kids always get excited. I didn’t wait long to get Halloween started with my kids. With all three of them being born in September, they were just over a month old when we celebrated Halloween for the first time.

Zadey was just a tiny thing when she came home from the hospital. But that didn’t stop me from putting her in her “Baby’s First Halloween” outfit that was entirely too big for her.


But, it wasn’t until she was 3 that we begun leaving the house, buying costumes, and actually celebrating Halloween. And it was that first year when Joanne and I decided, we were not going to allow our kid to be overloaded on sugar. It’s just not necessary. And though getting candy is part of the whole experience, eating it all doesn’t have to be.

It was that first year trick or treating that we came home and made a deal with Zadey.

[quote]Pick out 5 pieces of candy that you want to keep, and trade the rest in for a toy.[/quote]

Luckily, she was easily convinced this was good idea.

Since that first year, we have modified the deal a bit to include that the toy will be $10 or under. It’s still an effective method to reducing the amount of candy in our house and limiting her sugar intake.

Last year, on the boys’ first Halloween, we wrapped them up tight, and took them out trick or treating with sister.


Their little outfits are now just keepsakes, but they’ll be dressing up in costumes this year for the first time. And though their trick or treating days are still a bit of a ways off, I plan on making the same deal with them.

But, what if Halloween treats went wrong…

And yes, while this commercial is funny, there’s no reason to be afraid of Halloween candy.

Crest Pro Health and Oral-B want you to enjoy all the treats this year, while keeping your teeth cavity free!

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    Our dental office here has a deal with the kids. They give them money for their candy. It is given by the pound. Sounds kind of cruel, but my kids LOVE it and will trick or treat longer for those extra pieces to make a pound. The dental office then packs it up and it goes to various things. Most of it goes to the military whom are serving over seas. Some goes to smaller places like the homeless shelters. It’s always nice to see the kids gratitude when they know their candy is going for a cause and they have money!

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