Disclosure Policy

Moving Through Life Disclosure Policy

In the United States where we claim to be free, and have freedom of speech bloggers lost a bit of that in 2009 when the Federal Trade Commission decided to dictate disclosure on blogs. It’s not that I don’t believe in disclosure, quite the contrary. But the ability to do it on my accord is so much nicer than having a federal organization decide for me how I communicate with you, my readers and fans.

It’s my honest belief that the information, stories, and resources I share on this blog are worth so much more than what I do and do not get paid to share. And I hope that as you continue on this reading journey with me, you’ll agree with that statement.

But, fair is fair. Let’s talk about ways I may get paid by posting on this blog.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts occur when I am contacted by a company, brand, or their respective PR agency to write a post specially for that brand/company. These are posts that I have received monetary compensation for and/or product.

I work with many different sponsored post companies that require the use of their own disclosure language on the posts that I make for them. That language will always be used, if required. However, my own language will read something like: “This is a sponsored post for which I have been compensated. All opinions are my own.” This information will be found at the top of each post, directly under the post title. Here are a few examples:




These disclosures are meant to signal to you that, in some form, I have a relationship with the brand/company for which the post has been written and in some form, I have been compensated.

If compensation is received with a payment, the word compensation is received. If I received an physical product for my post, I will state which products I have received.

Sponsored Links

Sponsored links may appear in posts that are completely my own, organic, and do not target a brand. Typically I will be contacted by a company and/or their PR agency after a post has been published on my blog to go back and include a link that is relevant to the post I have already shared. These type of advertising is always compensated and will always include a disclosure similar to those shown above.


Product reviews are very common for bloggers, and they are a niche I enjoy working within. When I am contacted for a product review I will actually receive the product to which I’m posting about. The information I will share with you about these products will be written by me and be 100% my own opinion along with brand facts and information. A good example of a product review is my post, Evenflo Symphony DLX Convertible Car Seat. This is a post for which I received both product and monetary compensation.

It is of utmost importance to me that the reviews I accept on Moving Through Life are relevant to my life and my family; thus, by association, making them relevant to you and your family. It is also important to me that reviews coincide with stories and/or the happenings of my family at the time to keep them of high relevance and perfect timing.

Affiliate Links

Some product reviews or products I naturally talk about may contain an affiliate link in the post. These are generally links to Amazon where you may purchase the items I’m talking about. Should you click on one of these affiliate links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.

All posts that contain an affiliate link will be disclosed, at the top of the post, stating “This post contains an affiliate link.”

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, & Instagram

Honestly, there is a lot of confusion between brands and bloggers at how to disclose on social networking sites. And, from the FTC’s own disclosure policies, there are times when disclosures on social networking posts are not required at all.

Having said that, I will make every effort to disclose on my social media posts using either text (sponsored) or the hashtag #sponsored. This will be your indication that I have some relationship with the brand being mentioned. For full disclosure on my relationship, I refer you back to the original post where you can find full and proper disclosure regarding my relationship.

Banner Advertising

I have a few placements on my site for banner advertising. They are typically located at the top of my site, next to my logo; on the sidebar; and under a post. These banners I receive compensation for either through the traffic I receive or when a visitor clicks on these banners. All banners will remain family friendly and relevant to the content that I am posting about.

Morals, Values, Integrity, Disclosure

All things which cannot be bought. So, never fear that I am giving you information that I do not believe to be true simply because I have been paid or otherwise compensated to do so. I work hard and strive to bring relevant, fun, useful information to you every single day. My relationship with PR companies or brands will never change how I handle my morals, values, integrity, and disclosure.

If at any time you have a question about my disclosure policy or sponsored content you are invited to contact me. I will be more than happy to talk with you personally.