Wordless Wednesday: Dinner Together

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Sitting at the table and having dinner together is a big deal for Joanne and me. It’s a special time for us. Normally when we eat, the boys sit in their high chairs, next to the table. But a couple of nights ago, after undressing Henry, he sat in a chair and waited for his plate. It was terribly cute. So we decided to give it a try and see how well they do.

They did perfect! They ate better, there was less food on the floor, and they felt like part of dinner and conversation. It was so much fun. My big boys are going to be ditching those high chairs for booster seats very soon.

Time just keeps flying… whether I like it or not!

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Henry Rawson

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    Our son was never a fan of his high chair. He liked the novelty of it for about a month or so before he started complaining about being strapped down and throwing his food on the floor. We don’t have a dining room, so there wasn’t a regular table to put him at, but he’s done great eating at his little IKEA table. :)

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    What a house full of cuteness you have there! they are adorable. My grandson, Parker, loves to eat naked. He has been that way since he was about a week old. He would not latch on unless he was naked.

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    Aw how exciting! My son eats better when he sits at the table with us too! We’re still working with the littlest one on eating without making a mess period. lol. But JW does great! lol

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