Developing My Exercise Routine


In the last couple of weeks with my down time, waiting to begin a new workout routine, I have thought a lot about the type of exercise I want to proceed with. Three years ago, when I first had my Lap-Band surgery, it only took me a week to catch on to Leslie Sansone walk at home videos, and I used them near consistently.

However, a year after my surgery I sprained my ankle in a series of events that I have yet to talk about on my blog, and frankly, I’m not sure it’s worth covering. But the short of the long story is that after all these years, I still have a bit of a problem with my left ankle and I’m not sure it’ll ever be fixed.

So, thinking about my exercise routine, now that I’m “back on the wagon,” so to speak, has been a big deal for me. I want to ensure that I’m good a good amount of calorie burn, I want to protect my ankle from further harm, and I want something that has varying degrees of impact and intensity so that I can keep my workout routine ever changing.

I figured with all of this to deal with, I have to come up with a clear and concise plan now otherwise I’ll risk going off track and hurting my ability to stay on a routine. Because if there is one thing I’m sure of when it comes to my Lap-Band lifestyle, routine is the only way I’ll survive.

Get Proper Workout Gear

I know it might sound crazy, but I really think that I need proper workout gear. Before I’d always work out in my lounge clothing or pajamas, in the morning, and hop in the shower afterwards. This time, I want to get proper workout attire that is appropriate for both inside and outside the home workout routines.

At this point, I’m not sure what I’m thinking I need, but I know that it will help with my frame of mind and help get me in the zone.

womens-new-balance-walking-shoesAlso, because I did my Leslie Sansone walk at home videos before, I never wore good shoes while working out. In fact, I did it barefoot. With the ankle injury, I’m not sure that’s a good idea anymore. I need something that is going to correctly support my feet and ankle for the injury that’s there and prevent something else from happening. Especially since my routine will no longer be just inside my home.

Years ago my Army-brat and marathon-running brother gave me a 45 minute explanation on why I needed womens new balance walking shoes and all the reasons they were best for me based on how I walk and what position my feet are in. I think that it’s high time I invest in those and get walking shoes that are of better quality than I’ve ever had before.

Create In & Out of the House Routines

One of the great things about losing weight is the gaining of confidence, and that’s in all things that I do. At my heaviest I would never been seen attempting to workout outside of my home. But I don’t feel that way anymore and with two toddlers at home, I’d really like my workout to be something they’re involved with an opportunity for them to get out of the house.

Now, it’s obviously winter now, but the cold can’t last forever! And while it’s still cold I will stick with my Leslie Sansone walk at home. Using her videos has been extremely helpful has she offers varying lengths and intensity. And because it’s just walking in place, I can kick it up and increase my own speed, too.

My problem however, is that I don’t know what I can do outside of the house, without a gym membership and involve the kids. Sure I can throw in them in a stroller and walk, but I’m going to think that gets old quick.

During the summer I know we’ll swim. But, I need something for other times too and I’m completely stuck! Suggestions are welcome.

Get a Playlist

ipod_shuffle2I used to live for listening to my music while working out. But I have not looked at that list in 2 years and I’m not sure I still want to listen to all of those songs. Not to mention the fact that I’ve changed computers and iTunes accounts twice since then and my playlist is long gone.

So, I need to dig through and find some good get-me-in-the-mood-to-move music and pump up a playlist. And since I’m not quite at the place where I can actually work out, now is a good time to start doing this.

What are your suggestions?

I need help going beyond my comfort zone here. What are you suggestions to making sure I find my workout grove? Do you know of what I can do to develop a workout routine on beautiful days and get my kids outside? And, finally, do you have any at-home workout routines that you like? Perhaps I can branch away from my Leslie Sansone videos, too.

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