Commercials That Make You Think

I’ve noticed a trend, since the increase of use of things like DVRs and TiVo… commercials are getting better. Companies now have to do something to make us stop fast forwarding through their commercials, so they’re catching our eye with commercials that are more heartwarming, loving, and come with a whole lot more meaning than promoting their product.

Yet, still, I am not discovering these commercials while watching TV. Mostly because we do not have cable television, and that includes basic television. But instead, the commercials are so good they’re being shared on social media, like Facebook; which is where I’ve caught them.

Heinz Beanz: Full of Beanz

This has to be the sweetest thing, ever.

I just have to believe that this commercial will strike a chord for any parent, especially one with multiple children. After watching this, I just wonder how I can help foster a similar bond between my children? It makes me think, and believe, that children can create better relationships with each other than the bond that I have with my siblings. And, it makes me hope; hope that this bond will be created within my kids during their childhood and withstand the test of time in their adulthood.

Beautiful, and touching.

Extra: Origami

Just as incredible is the Extra origami commercial…

As a child I did not have the bond and connection with my Dad that I wish I could have had. Though this has changed as an adult, I still feel the impact of the loss when watching a commercial like this. I love my dad dearly, and I have an amazing relationship with him, now.

This commercial also makes me look at the way that my kids might view me one day. It reminds me that sometimes it’s the simple little details that matter the most. And, it makes me want to be better, so when the day comes that they leave my home, they actually feel a twinge of longing for their mommy while they’re away.

I love it.

Have You Seen… ??

Have you seen a touching commercial online, recently? Please share!

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  1. says

    Oh my!! The first commercial for Heinz was very sweet. I love it. The second one strikes me. It’s so sweet and yes, it’s the little things. I love it!

    I am without commercials also since I DVR most things and fast forward, but I commend the companies that are making notice of that and are making commercials that people are willing to share on Facebook and other social media channels.

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