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Dollar Tree Party Decorations

I have to hand it to my Zadey; being the new kid at school is not the most amazing thing, ever. Yet, having been back in California for only 2 months that’s exactly the spot she’s in. Luckily she is attending school with one of her cousins and that certainly helps to make friends fast. But, they’re in different grades and Zadey has to pave her own way.

So when she was selected to be “Star of the Week” last week, by her teacher, I was so excited for her. This was a great way for other kids to learn about her and for her to make new friends.

Each day for the last week Zadey had the opportunity to tell the class about herself. On Monday she shared a small poster she made that included pictures of herself, her family, her friends, and some of her favorite things. On another day, she shared her “special word” which she chose to be adoption. And, finally, on Friday she brought a treat to share with the class.

When Zadey and I talked about what she wanted to take to school for treats she had a million ideas. All of them were good, but then the dollar signs started adding up. She wanted to go all out for them while I was thinking cookies. And, with 29 students in her classroom, there was no way I wanted to foot the bill for all of Zadey’s ideas.

That’s when we decided that our best answer was Dollar Tree. My sister and I often go and find cute trinkets, goodie bag ideas, and so much more from them that I knew it would be my solution to Zadey wanting to take special treats to her class on Friday.

Dollar Tree Store Front

Just going in to the store made me so excited for summer, because of all the party decorations that were out. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been in and I hadn’t yet seen all the 4th of July and graduation decorations.

Dollar Tree 4th of July Decorations

Dollar Tree Graduation Decorations

Dollar Tree Party Decorations

Dollar Tree Party Decorations

Dollar Tree Party Decorations

Now, I can’t be more excited for the 4th of July to come! But, this wasn’t the time for that.

Zadey and I browsed around the store for awhile, trying to decide what she could take to her class and how we could make whatever it is cute for them. My initial thought had been to make small party favor goodie bags. And there was certainly enough party favors to do it…

Dollar Tree Party Favors

But Zadey wasn’t settling on what to put in the goodie bags, so we passed on this idea. However, as we circled back around the front of the store, our answer had been sitting right there the whole time…

Dollar Tree Bubbles

BUBBLES! Lots and lots of bubbles. Because, what kid does not love bubbles? And we picked out bubbles that were 3 for $1.00. So for just $10 I was able to give her entire class a little something extra, and I didn’t break the bank doing it.

We also picked up curling ribbon while at Dollar Tree and when we got home, Zadey helped tie ribbon to the bottles of bubbles. Once she saw what Joanne was doing to curl the ribbon, she had to give it a try and was so excited to curl ribbon for the first time.

Dollar Tree Party Decorations

And they came out so cute for her class…

Dollar Tree Bubbles

We delivered the bubbles (and cookies) to her classroom last Friday and the kids were so excited about getting a “special treat” from Zadey. They were a HUGE hit and this week she has told me that the kids were all so excited about it and thanked her again. This was just the boost she needed.

As I left Zadey’s classroom on Friday, from handing out the bubbles and cookies, I went on to work. And, as I arrived, I was told about a guest staying at our hotel the night of their wedding before heading out at the airport on their honeymoon. Our sales manager decided to make the event extra special for them and can you guess where she went? That’s right, Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Wedding Decorations

She picked up ribbon, tissue paper, the adorable bride and groom and chocolate kisses to fill the bride and groom with. The tissue paper is wrapped around the ice bucket that’s in the guest’s room and held on using the ribbon. Inside the glass heart is flower petal soap. Even those beautiful glass wine glasses came from Dollar Tree.

If this sweet nod to their special day wasn’t enough, she also grabbed fake flower petals to spread around the room and bed. It was so beautiful for them to walk in to.

What will you celebrate with Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree has so many party decorations, party supplies, and holiday decorations that there’s no reason not to visit the store for everything you’ll be celebrating soon. So, what decorations will you pick up at Dollar Tree?


  1. says

    I’ve used our Dollar Tree for many occasions! I love how affordable they are, especially when you’re using most of the items just a few times.

  2. says

    I always grab party decor at our Dollar Tree! They have alot of really cool stuff. Those wedding favor boxes are TOOOOOO cute! My niece got married a couple of months ago and they used these at the reception. I loved them! They put mints in the guys tuxedo box (cause he was calm and cool) and nuts in the wedding dress box (cause the bride was nuts!) LOL!

  3. says

    I love Dollar Tree, it is a teacher’s best friend. I get a lot of goodies for my students there. I also find it the best place to buy birthday supplies!

  4. Pam says

    Dollar Tree is a great place to go when planning a birthday party but we also use to go there for our office parties too. We would get small gifts for some of the special things we would do and it made it fun but affordable.

  5. says

    Our Dollar Tree does have a rockin’ party supply section. I frequent there often, especially when I’m looking for solid colors.

  6. says

    I love shopping for party supplies at Dollar Tree. They have such a great selection and you can get a ton of items for a very little money!

  7. says

    I love dollar stores! You can get so many great things at them for so cheap. And I’m glad she’s fitting in well at her new school, that can be so hard!

  8. says

    I like this store. When my son wants to go to a toy store I’ll give him a couple of dollars and let him have at it there. Makes him happy every single time. :)

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