Katy Rawson

My Secret for Long-Lasting Energy… Energy Shots!

5-hour ENERGY

I have to tell you something… I’m tired. Actually, I’m exhausted. Perhaps I’m even past the point of exhaustion. And I have done everything I know how to gain more energy. Few things work. All the tricks out there and and still, I’m exhausted. But, on more than one occasion I have gone to energy […]

7 Wonderful Things Non-Smokers Enjoy!

Quit Smoking

I have quit smoking before and I’ve shared that with you. And though that post, right now, only has a couple of comments my email has exploded. The support I have received and the support I have been able to share is incredible. There is a community around Moving Through Life and my email is […]

How I Quit Smoking


In my previous post, The History of My Worst Habit I detailed to you my history with smoking. If you didn’t read that post, I suggest that you do. However, if you want to get right to the point, you need to know that I’ve been smoking a pack a day for nearly 21 years. […]

The History of My Worst Habit


I was 12 years old, standing in a park with a group of my friends. I wasn’t necessarily someone who caused trouble, looked for trouble, but I didn’t hang around with the best crowd either. I hung with the “cool kids” and not because I thought I was cool by any means, but because it […]

Give Me A Good Book… On My Kindle!


It was April of last year when Joanne showed up at my house for her day with Zadey, book in hand. Joanne is the kind of reader that once engrossed in a book, she doesn’t leave home without it. Her book at the time? The Hunger Games. Now, I had heard about the book but […]

48 Things You Never Knew About Me


I love the “get to know you” style of posts. Especially those that capture moments in time, the way this one does. So, in that spirit, here’s yet another one that follows up from The ABCs of Me type of post. Ivette at WAHM BAHM posted 48 Things You Never Knew About Me, today. And […]

I Believe


Have you ever heard someone say “I don’t know what I believe anymore?” I’m always perplexed by such a statement. What piece of information can be delivered to us that we no longer know where we stand with our beliefs? Much like my about page, or the ABC’s of Me, I’ve decided to write about […]

The ABCs of Me


I love the idea of this — then a friend asked me to complete it. So, here it is… the ABCs of me. A is for adventure. I’m not usually the adventurous type but when it comes to business, creating work opportunities, or starting something new with my business partner, Mindy… count me in! B […]