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Simple Sugar Muffins

Simple Sugar Muffins

I rarely make something unique or creative, but when I do I typically need a basic recipe to go off of that I can expand on. Several weeks ago I modified a basic muffin recipe to make it a bit sweeter so I could add more good stuff to it. So, I thought I’d share […]

My Secret for Long-Lasting Energy… Energy Shots!

5-hour ENERGY

I have to tell you something… I’m tired. Actually, I’m exhausted. Perhaps I’m even past the point of exhaustion. And I have done everything I know how to gain more energy. Few things work. All the tricks out there and and still, I’m exhausted. But, on more than one occasion I have gone to energy […]

Wordless Wednesday: Gateway Arch

Wordless Wednesday with Linky

On our move to California from Indiana, I knew that I had to see the Gateway Arch. We didn’t have the opportunity to see it on our move to Indiana so if we didn’t stop on the way home, I knew I would be sorry. We didn’t have the chance to park and get out […]

Wordless Wednesday: Dinner Together

Wordless Wednesday with Linky

Sitting at the table and having dinner together is a big deal for Joanne and me. It’s a special time for us. Normally when we eat, the boys sit in their high chairs, next to the table. But a couple of nights ago, after undressing Henry, he sat in a chair and waited for his […]

Wordless Wednesday: Oliver Preston

Wordless Wednesday with Linky

We had a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to play with for a month or so that I totally fell in love with. The camera on this phone is incredible. And during our time with the phone, for Verizon Midwest, I went head over heals. So much so that I’ll be replacing my beloved iPhone for […]

7 Wonderful Things Non-Smokers Enjoy!

Quit Smoking

I have quit smoking before and I’ve shared that with you. And though that post, right now, only has a couple of comments my email has exploded. The support I have received and the support I have been able to share is incredible. There is a community around Moving Through Life and my email is […]

How I Quit Smoking


In my previous post, The History of My Worst Habit I detailed to you my history with smoking. If you didn’t read that post, I suggest that you do. However, if you want to get right to the point, you need to know that I’ve been smoking a pack a day for nearly 21 years. […]

The History of My Worst Habit


I was 12 years old, standing in a park with a group of my friends. I wasn’t necessarily someone who caused trouble, looked for trouble, but I didn’t hang around with the best crowd either. I hung with the “cool kids” and not because I thought I was cool by any means, but because it […]