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Samsung Galaxy Note3

Samsung Galaxy Note3 in White

I really enjoy all things tech. As I was thinking about writing this post my first thought was “my phone is the most important electronic item I own.” But, then I began thinking about my laptop which connects me to my blog and social media. Then there’s my Roku which nightly keeps me entertained. Or […]

Why the iPhone 5S Is the Best Apple Handset Yet


The new generation of iPhone devices is set to become a worldwide bestseller. Just as every new iPhone has had people queuing up to get hold of it on its release date, the 2013 generation have caused quite a storm. While in the past people had only one new iPhone to select, the current gen […]

Sprint & Best Buy Student Mobile Plan


I never would have imaged when I was 8 years old that I would have a need for a student mobile phone. In fact, they weren’t even called mobile phones at the time. They were car phones; because they were mounted in the car and looked like the corded phone we had inside the house. […]

Samsung Galaxy S4… Better than iPhone?


I’m really quite fond of technology, phones, tablets, and apps. I find the developments facinating, but I might have to admit a bit that I’m slightly behind the curve. My first smartphone was an iPhone 3GS, and today my phone is an iPhone 5. I adore my iPhone, I really do. But, I don’t appreciate […]

I’m Late to the iPhone Game

Apple Logo with Steve Jobs

For the longest time I had the easiest cell phone out there. I didn’t really use it a whole lot, and most days I was sure that I didn’t need a cell phone, as I still had a home phone. But, my parents, being the awesome parents that they are, wanted to ensure we were […]