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Families are able to remain close no matter what the geographical distance. It sometimes takes a good bit of ingenuity to maintain a feeling of connection, yet old-school efforts and modern technology can both prove to be great allies. Children born within the past 10 or so years view digital cameras and mobiles as things […]

Protect Your Privacy with Private WiFi


I have been in the blogging business for nearly 10 years. Probably new information for you, right? During this time I have taken many trips, visited hotels, and attended conferences. If that’s not enough, do I need to remind you of how many long distance moves I have made? So, it wouldn’t really be that […]

Get On The Move with Jawbone UP


Since I had Lap-Band surgery more than three years ago Joanne and I have both tried to be more health conscious. To be honest, a lot of that has flown out the window with the arrival of our twin boys, but it doesn’t mean we’re not trying. She and I have both made a solid […]

Show Your Style with Speck Cases


I really love having a variety of cases for my iPhone. There are not a lot of items that I have that I consider to be my “toys,” but my iPhone is certainly one of them. I waited so long to get an iPhone, and I adore it, a lot more than I should. So, […]

eFun APEN Touch 8


Just about a month ago, I purchased a brand new laptop. I wasn’t going for bells and whistles, just something simple, lightweight, and is a good fit for work (blogging). Features and price were both equally important, but I want to again stress, I wanted simple. In addition to every day use for my laptop, […]

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So, I recently told you about my iPhone story, and how I’m late to the game with getting an iPhone 3GS. But, more importantly is my recent upgrade from that 3GS to my iPhone 5. Yes, I love my iPhone. I know, it’s a problem. Making the decision to purchase my iPhone ultimately came down […]