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Create Stories with Comics Head

Comics Head App Review

Zadey has such a creative mind and loves story telling. Of course her stories are that of an 8 year old… they’re interesting, a little off, and always a lot silly. And though she has many outlets for telling her cute stories, when we were introduced to Comics Head app and I began to play […]

Samsung Galaxy Note3

Samsung Galaxy Note3 in White

I really enjoy all things tech. As I was thinking about writing this post my first thought was “my phone is the most important electronic item I own.” But, then I began thinking about my laptop which connects me to my blog and social media. Then there’s my Roku which nightly keeps me entertained. Or […]

Dabby Dill & The Hiccup Pickle Story App

Dabby Dill & The Hiccup Pickle App

Like the vast majority of moms, I worry about my kids getting too much screen time and too involved in mindless games. Especially Zadey, who’s 8 and is happiest when sitting with an iPhone or iPad in her hand. I much rather she’d be learning or reading, especially since we have had so many struggles […]

Protect Yourself with React Mobile

React Mobile Logo

If you’re by yourself and you have an emergency situation, what would you do? The scary thing for me is that I think about this a lot. I find being home alone eerie and then call myself silly because I should be comfortable with this at 30-something. Never mind going out and about at night […]

Keep In Touch


Families are able to remain close no matter what the geographical distance. It sometimes takes a good bit of ingenuity to maintain a feeling of connection, yet old-school efforts and modern technology can both prove to be great allies. Children born within the past 10 or so years view digital cameras and mobiles as things […]

Why the iPhone 5S Is the Best Apple Handset Yet


The new generation of iPhone devices is set to become a worldwide bestseller. Just as every new iPhone has had people queuing up to get hold of it on its release date, the 2013 generation have caused quite a storm. While in the past people had only one new iPhone to select, the current gen […]

Sprint & Best Buy Student Mobile Plan


I never would have imaged when I was 8 years old that I would have a need for a student mobile phone. In fact, they weren’t even called mobile phones at the time. They were car phones; because they were mounted in the car and looked like the corded phone we had inside the house. […]

Worry-Free, Kid-Safe Programming with Kidoodle.TV


I have mentioned before that I try to limit the amount of television my kids watch, especially Zadey. She’s certainly what I would call a TV junkie and part of that has been my fault. It was only a couple of years ago that I turned off cable TV, but that doesn’t mean that we […]