Love Your Winter Hat With Flipeez


What is it with kids and wearing winter hats? Okay, maybe it’s just my kids? Since Zadey was just a little baby I have struggled to keep a hat on her head during the winter. And now, with toddler twins, I’m still finding the same issue. Maybe I don’t put a hat on their head […]

Flashlight Friends: A Light In The Dark


In the last 8 years I cannot begin to count how many times I’ve looked under the bed, to make sure there’s nothing there. And you all know about the magic spray to keep monsters out of the closet, right? I think the best idea I received, along with a night light, to keep the […]

Don’t Let Halloween Go Wrong!


Halloween kicks off a very fun time of year. Holiday traditions are abound and the kids always get excited. I didn’t wait long to get Halloween started with my kids. With all three of them being born in September, they were just over a month old when we celebrated Halloween for the first time. Zadey […]

Does Pinxav Solve The Diaper Rash Problem?


It seems to me that my kids are more prone to diaper rashes than other babies I’ve met. Seriously. When Zadey was an infant she had diaper rashes so extreme, and so frequent, her pediatrician referred us to a dermatologist to help solve the problem. And yet, multiple visits later, we still could not determine […]

Create To-Go Snacks with Yummi Pouch


I have often blogged about how I feed my boys, and how careful I am with the foods they have. And though we have done baby led weaning with them, and there isn’t a thing that I eat that they don’t also eat, finding to-go snacks for them has sometimes been a challenge. Because, let’s […]

Ju-Ju-Be BFF Diaper Bag with Twins


I’m not kidding when I tell you that I have struggled to find the right diaper bag to use with my boys. During pregnancy, when I registered, I picked out a large bag. It worked, for a little while. Then I moved to a single cross-strap backpack. It was a much better solution, but it […]

Take A Stand! Do You Give A Cup?


In the Internet’s first social sampling experiment Peet’s Coffee is asking you — do you give a cup? Take a stand, show your support (or not), and announce. Do You Give A Cup? What Is A Social Sampling Experiment? Each week Peet’s Coffee has been asking the world, do you give a cup? about different […]