PickURGift For The Hard to Shop for Person


We all have at least one of those people… you know, the impossible to buy for. The one that has everything or at least never mentions anything they want. Maybe we all have a few of those people. This has certainly been my story this year, being away from my family for the last 6 […]

Learn & Play with B Kids

Learn & Play with B Kids

Watching my boys play is one of the many highlights of my day. There’s something about little boys… they’re so curious. They want to figure everything out and sometimes, watching my boys play becomes watching their intensity as their little brains get to work at what’s really going on. Since I noticed this with them […]

Ferrero Rocher ”25 Days Wrapped in Gold” Sweepstakes


The holiday season is full of joy, love, music, decorations… and chocolate. And sweepstakes. But, mostly chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Okay, maybe not that much chocolate. Maybe more sweepstakes. And does Ferrero Rocher have a big one for you. This year, Ferror Rocher is hosting the 25 Days Wrapped In Gold Sweepstakes on […]

Build, Create, & Connect with Tegu Wooden Blocks


Zadey is a very imaginative kid. She loves to create, build, design, and put things together. She is so creative, sometimes I wonder where she comes up with her ideas. Since she was just a small toddler, building blocks have been one of the best toys Zadey has had. It allows her creative side to […]

Flash & Furious: A Fun Family Game!


Joanne and I love family game night, around our kitchen table, and engaging Zadey in fun, play, and sharing. Somehow game night seems to always roll great conversation with her and we discover so much. It’s also become our bonding time where she can see mommy a bit silly, which is way out of the […]

Smart Trike Spirit 4-in-1


We have discovered, since our move to Indiana, that one of the few wonderful things about leaving city life and apartments behind is the ability to play outdoors more. And yes, it’s so cold in Indiana right now, but it won’t be that way for long. But the good news is we also have some […]

Meet Graco’s Little Lounger


So, my little men might be a bit big for a Little Lounger, but I was so excited to learn about it anyway. Because, well, who doesn’t love baby gear? Oh that and to meet the Little Lounger I got to go on a road trip, by myself, hang out with other bloggers, get some […]