Turn Pictures into a SnapBox


Since switching over to digital cameras, how often do you really print your pictures? That answer, for me, is next to never. So rarely that the first family pictures, we’ve ever taken, still have not been printed. And we took those pictures back in December! Our photographer (who is amazing, by the way) provided us […]

Clean with Soft Scrub


When I signed up to become a Purex Insider, toilet care wasn’t exactly something that I thought I’d receive in my mailbox, nor something I would talk about on my blog. And for about 24 hours after receiving my first Purex package, it sat here on my desk waiting to be opened. Because I knew […]

Sprout Foods Toddler Snacks


I think I may have discussed too much how careful I am about the foods I am feeding the boys. It really is an important subject to me, and one that hits me daily as I still struggle to get Zadey to take in the proper nutrition she needs. And though some of the problem […]

Roving Cove Safe Corner Cushions


I’ve always been confused with all those emails that begin during pregnancy that talk about babyproofing your house. Why, exactly, should I live in a baby proofed house long before baby arrives? Never mind all those months when baby does nothing. What I know now is the people who write those emails are familiar with […]

Suri the Octopus & Friends Teethers


If you could ask any baby what the worst part about being a baby is, I think we would all agree that the answer would be teething. Why do these poor little guys have to be in so much pain? As Moms, we want solutions. I know that between all three of my kids, I […]