Teething Sucks


When you’re 5 months old, I can’t think of anything much worse than teething. It just sucks. My boys have recently started the whole process. Though there are no signs of teeth ready to poke through. There’s a whole lot of fussy going on in my house the last few days. I’ve tried the wet […]

Home Cure for Conjunctivitis


When you wake one morning to discover that your sweet little baby has conjunctivitis, it sucks. There’s crust covering their eyes, and eyelashes. It looks like puss is seeping from the corners of their eyes. It’s not at all a pretty sight. Zadey had conjunctivitis as a baby, and like other parents I promptly took […]

What’s In A Name?

hello my name is

During pregnancy, one of the hardest tasks we as parents take on is naming our child. When we are then required to pick out two names, instead of one, the task seems unbearable. This, speaking from experience. At 17 weeks, when I learned it’s twin boys, I instantly began thinking of names. Sperm Donor was […]

The Science of Twins

Mono/Di Twins

Twins. There’s so much to know. But let’s talk the science of it all. There are 4 common types of twins: Dichorionic/Dichorionic or di/di Monochoronic/Dichorionic or mono/di Monochoronic/Monochoronic or mono/mono Conjoined Twins There are other types, like mirror image twins, etc. But for this post, I need you to know these 4 specifically. I’m also […]

How to Peek & Comment on Twins

Peek & Comment on Twins

When I leave the house with the boys, it’s like I’m a walking side show. People love twins. Too much. There is question, after question. And then people make comments as though they’re sympathizing. “Better you than me!” “I couldn’t do it.” “You have your hands full.” Here’s the thing, my little boys are miracle […]

How I Do It: Feeding Twins

Feeding Twins

In this post series, I’m answering the question of “How do I do it?” Feeding twins. Let me just say first, I hate to prop a bottle. And unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil. Especially so when you’ve got two to feed, at the exact same time. It is a rare occasion that one wakes before […]

How I Do It: Twin Bath Time

Henry in the Bath

In this post series, I’m answering the question of “How do I do it?” Bath time. It’s one of my favorite moments with my babies. Especially now that they have learned to kick their feet to create splashes and waves. It creates a mess, and I am usually soaked by the end of bath time… […]

12 Weeks on 12.12.12


Today is 12.12.12. I can only imagine how many women wanted to have their baby today. Speaking from experience because I was hoping to have the boys on 10.11.12. That didn’t happen. Henry & Oliver are 12 weeks old on 12.12.12. There’s also 12 days until Christmas. I thought I’d document the unique day with […]