How to Prepare for Twins

How to Prepare for Twins

Having twins never once crossed my mind. Okay, well I had a small moment of being envious when an acquaintance was pregnant with twins when Zadey was little. But, I never once thought that I would be the mother of twins. Now, with almost 2 year old twins in the house, it is much more […]

Babywearing: The Dos, Donts, How and Why

Babywearing: Dos, Donts, How, & Why

It seems the older the boys get, the more interested I become in babywearing. When Zadey was a baby, eight years ago, we bought the only baby carrier we knew about then and used it all the time. It wasn’t something that I studied or learned about. I didn’t feel like I had to, to […]

Baby Led Weaning with Twins


All during my pregnancy there were two things I knew, for sure: 1) I was going to hold my baby (babies) more than I did Zadey. Every day I miss holding my baby Zadey, and I didn’t want to have any regrets with my boys. 2) They would not be picky eaters like their big […]

Bath Time for 10 Mo Old Twins


There is something about bath time in our house that makes the boys’ spirit just come alive. The water, the splashing, the toys, the rubber ducks — it all is so much for them to take in and I have never seen such little things enjoy the water so much. I love bath time with […]

The Cost of 10 Month Old Twins


One of the most common statements made to me, out and about with the boys, is “they must be expensive!” And the truth of the matter is, yes, they are. But if done right, there’s a lot of places I can cut corners. So, as I was thinking of my next post idea, it hit […]

The Sweet Taste of Food


My boys have had serious acid reflux since they came home from the hospital. It something they have been medicated for (which I hate). In January I had a conversation with their doctor about alternative methods for easing the symptoms of the reflux. We decided on food. So, they began to eat. It worked. We […]

Meeting with a Lacatation Consultant


Today was my appointment with a lactation consultant. I went armed with my breast pump, a lot of questions, and very very hopeful to the wealth of information I was hoping to discover to get my boys nursing. After the initial explanation about my previous problems breastfeeding, I brought her current. She seemed hopeful but […]

Relactating: A Journey Begins


I previously blogged about my problems breastfeeding when the boys were born. For their first 3 or so months, I convinced myself that I did everything I could to nurse my boys. But then I began to wonder, and research. Then I evaluated the situation and I asked myself again… did I really do everything […]