Parenting at Different Ages


I was just 24 years old when Zadey was born, almost 25. Joanne and I had been together for nearly 4 years, and I was beyond ready to become a Mother. We were financially stable, life was amazing, and all I needed to complete my world was a child. I waited, I begged, I hoped, […]

Single Mom of Twins


I remember very clearly the conversation Sperm Donor, and I had about having children. It was very much a “one day” conversation, but both of us agreed that regardless of our romantic status, we would do wonderful parenting together. And as much as most people who know him would hate me saying this, he and […]

20 Alternative Uses for Breastmilk


It’s no secret, breast is best. But other than nourishing baby, breastmilk has healing properties for so many things… The Many Uses of Breastmilk Heals diaper rashes. Apply and allow to dry. Cleans baby acne. Gently rub on baby’s face. Sooths eczema. It’s itchy and uncomfortable, so put breastmilk on it. Clears cradle cap. Apply […]

5 Reasons Not to Breastfeed?


Today I read a blog post that seemingly has gone somewhat viral by Stephanie Seymour at One Sleepy Mom titled “5 Reasons NOT to Breastfeed.” To say that I was annoyed with her post would probably be an understatement. I’m not, by any means annoyed that she has an opinion. I have said before, and […]

I’ve Decided to Homeschool Zadey


A few weeks ago there was yet another school shooting. It occurred in Taft, Ca. You may have heard about it on the news. At the time it happened, I was in Bakersfield. It’s just about 30 minutes from Taft and where I grew up. It would seem as though the moment news broke and […]

You Should Give Your Kid A Camera


For the last several years Zadey has asked daily for the camera, the Flip, or one of our phones. She always gets a yes. She then proceeds to wonder off to do whatever it is she wants to do it and takes pictures. This last year is when the videos started. I love seeing what […]

Ridiculing Anothers Parenting


I have a lot of ideas about parenting. Typically they’re conversations between just Joanne and I. From time to time I also talk about them with my sister, Morgan. But because I enjoy a good debate, conversation, learning, and research — I enjoy being part of many parenting groups/pages on Facebook that deal with attachment […]

Helping Out & Family Responsibility


When new people meet us for the first time and make comments about the boys they always say to Zadey “I’ll be you’re a great helper, aren’t you?” This comment/question bothers me. Why? Because it seems to imply that she’s obligated to help me. Is she? I’ve pondered this question many times. Then I had […]